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Ke70 Models What Do They Mean?

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Here's one for you, KE70 HI.CAM why is it called this, engine Cam High in the block? or does it stand for something else.


Corolla model's and badge's what's it stand for? Some are known but not all so add your comments if you know.


S =

SE = striped edition

DX euro model =

CS =

XX =


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hi cam means nothing. it was a marketing ploy because other manufacturers were bringing out ohc and twincam models, and toyota were lagging behind


"quick, we'd better advertise the fact that our cars have cams too!"

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What they said....And introduce yourself in the Canberra section...oh and we have a meeting Monday the 12/12 at 7 pm at the Woden Tradesmans Club in Woden, near the Phillip Ice Skating Rink...COME TO IT, we always have a great time

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Righto, Hello there, Sir Random.


In a nutchell..


There are 2 types ke70's in Australia from new.

Late Model front end (Slanted front ~ EG. Med_Man's Corolla)

Early Model front end (My car)


SE, CS and XX were for the early front end.

SE = Bottom of the range

CS = Middle of the rance

XX = Top of the range


S, CS and CSX were for the late front end.

There is also a much rare'r model, the CSX Spirit, which was a 1984 Olympic edition model, with even more extras.

S = Bottom of the range

CS = Middle of the range

CSX = Top of the range

Spirit = Top of the range, Limited Edition Model


Ive got lots of data on ke70s

(Microfish, Manuals, Brocures..) => theres not much i don't have.


What else do you want to know?


Oh also


DX was over sea's model.


As jamie said, Hi cam was just advertising. And going by internal results, it actually worked. Altho the ke55 had the same motor (4k) as the ke70, people actually thought there was a difference :)


Only ke70's have Hicam on the fenders, the badge is above the metal grove running along the entire side of the car (design thing), where as Ae71 Corollas (with a 4ac) have a 1.6 Badge below this metal line / crease thing.


more trivia :P

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uk must be different. I have a gl badge on my car..... not sure on the differences between a dx badged ke and a gl badged one.


mine is a late spec 4 door with 4k manual - also rear seat belts (don't know if they were standard or aftermarket) although they had been ripped out by previous owner

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