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Allie Is Back! Aka "that's Not An Engine... This Is An Eng

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Well, this little T18...


I bought her from this guy and his daughter who had gotten a bit of a run around from their rebuilder/painter, who did the most orange-peely job I have ever seen... Twice apparently!

She was sitting on King Springs and matched short stroke shocks, and running a rebuilt, albiet stock 3T-C.

Very tidy car, other than the terrible paint.


She became affectionately known as Allie.


Used as a daily driver for quite a while, with nothing more than couple of rims changes...


Then, things went a little crazy... I sourced a 3TGTE from KYP, backed by a W55, some custom coilovers and RA65 brakes for the front, and lower than low kings for the rear. Bolted it all together, got bored and sold her...


With it's new owner, I helped set it up a bit more, and she was taken down the Motorplex in 14.3 with a need for better tires. She got rained out the last day of the season, so the semi slicks we'd sourced never got to put her into the 13's, but with her MPH, we were sure she could have.


The new owner decided drift was the way to go, and other commitments broke our contact...


I went away for a while, and often wondered what happened to that lovely red T18.


A young guy on the forums contacted me, asking what I knew about T18s, having read a few of the earlier posts, and seeing I'd owned a few in my time... Turns out the guy I sold the car to abandoned it in South Perth, and the council decided to send it to Pickles Auctions... Where it was bought by this young guy...


A deal was made for my assistance in swapping the running gear into another T18 he had (which, as fate would have it, was another one I owned previously) and in return for my services, Allie would be mine again.



Now Allie is sitting back in the shed, engine removed, interior worse for wear, and needing some loving.




She's not going to get it...

Allie is going to be used, abused, butchered and chopped up and then thrown around like a rag doll... And she's going to love every minute of it!


the sadistic bitch.




1MZ-FE RWD Converted, and slotted between the struts.

W55 bolted to the back

282mm custom front vented brakes

260mm custom disk brake rear

HSD Coilovers

Rack and Pinion conversion

Working Aircon

Custom interior

JGTC style Aero

4.3 LSD


And all Street legal



So far...


1MZ test fitted and engine mounts cut out. Requiring welding.

W55 fit using modified 2S bellhousing

Front brakes fit using custom adaptors and machined hubs

Rear brakes sourced, still need work on adaptors

HSD suspension waiting installation

Oil pickup relocation kit designed, waiting fabrication

Suitable tailshaft sorted, waiting final installation.


Soon to come...


1MZ final fitment.

Custom intake manifold, and modified exhaust manifolds

Manual conversion of engine using custom flywheel and clutch

Wiring loom set up to patch into T18 loom

Rear brake fitment, ready for testing.

Rack and Pinion conversion.

Serious hacking of rear body for rear diffuser

Sectional under tray designed and cut for semi flat bottom.

Interior swapped over from donor car.



In the future:


The aim is to create a car that is easy to drive, while being powerful, precise and a pleasure to drive, even at speed.

I'd like to develop the engine further in the future, and include a couple of turbos hanging off the sides, making for a sub 4:1 weight to power ratio, and move back to a 3.9 diff, giving her a preference for high speeds, and up the ante for the aero to make that work.


I'm aiming for the car to feel comfortable on the street, capable on the track and competitive against some of the lower end exotica... Ferrari 456, BMW M3 E46 model, Lamborghini Diablo etc (Until it runs out of aero at high speed of course... It is shaped like a house brick after all.)


Aiming for 200rwhp in N/A tune, and 350rwhp in turbo tune

Low 12 second standing quarter mile in N/A tune

Mid 10 second in turbo tune

Sub 1:10 around Barbagallo Raceway in grip setup

Damn sexy drift in drift setup. :P


Pics will come when I get back home.

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This build has been going over and over in my mind for a very long time. It's not the easiest engine in the world to fit, that's for sure.

Inlet manifold is what I'm plugging away at for now. I want to have a single, front entry plenum, but the porting for the lower section of the manifold is set for side entry on one bank, and i'd prefer not to have to do the whole lower section too... Then the water filler is actually on the engine, right where a front facing inlet would preferably run. lol

Nothing I can't handle, it's just a pain in the ass.


I'm actually getting multiples of each part I make made up, so in the end, i'll have full conversion kits available for bolt in 1MZ goodness.


Is it coincidence that the next car on the list of crazy things to build is a KE20? :P

I've got a very specific goal in mind with my 20, which will be the title of the build thread when the T18 is finished.


I've asked Matt to be my test pilot, along with another guy I've done a bunch of work with before. I'm hoping between the three of us, we can negotiate this into a very well set, and easy to handle car... Plan from there is to see how competitive we can be. Initially aiming to run a season in DriftWA, but I'd also like to have her run in some time attack, hill climb or other time competitive racing.


It's early days though, and I've got to build the car before I can do anything with it. lol

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Maybe try a 5vz? Out of a hilux/prado already manual, bigger capacity, already rwd. Otherwise I am pretty sure 3vz came out in rwn I nearly bought a 4 runner with a 3vz so pretty sure they do, also might be able to be able to chamge over the manifold with a rwd one? not the plenum the manifold, I haven't ever taken any notice on the ones I've worked on but the aurions you can unbolt the plenum and the manifold.

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VZ= Cast Iron, MZ= Alloy...

Granted, it might be easier, but I want to steer away from boat anchors, particularly ones that don't have the best of reputations.

I've heard the 3VZ flywheel will work on the 1MZ, however I'm being unconventional with mounting it all, so that won't even work for me. Instead I'm going to be getting some 3SGTE flywheels made up with the correct PCD drilled to fit the 1MZ. Makes for a decent selection of aftermarket clutches too.


The plenum on the 1MZ consists of long twin runners from the throttle body, split plenum with a valve that opens at higher RPM, and the top half of the inlet runners...


I've got a few ideas about how to get around this... One is having two half-plenums, and keeping the dividing valve between the two operational, having a single plenum, and twin side facing throttle bodies, or, small plenum (more like a really thick balance tube) and individual throttle bodies on top...


It's highly likely that I'll screw around with all of them as I develop the engine, but I am looking at the cheapest options first, so short runners, single inlet plenum on top is the first point of call...


I got a plate water cut from alloy, but that cost a small fortune, so now exploring alternatives. Just hard to make progress other than planning while I'm away. Two and a half weeks, and I'll be back in full swing.

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