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  1. Selling my built 2tg and 6 speed conversion Celica 2tg bored and stroked to around 1.9L alloy sump alloy flywheel gilmer drive belt and pulleys reground cams clutch to suit j160 stainless extractors alloy radiator J160 6 speed gearbox Custom tailshaft to suit $2600 located brisbane southside but will deliver for free within a reasonabke distance and can pack onto a pallet and take to a courier. can't upload pictures from my phone message me on 0423684172 if seriously interested ill send pictures and arange a time to view or call myself. Please message my mobile or call as I don't get on rc to much anymore.
  2. After a complete 2TG efi setup anywhere will pay postage also.
  3. I have tail lamp parts you're after. Message me on here or [email protected]
  4. Sent you a message about the 2tg efi gear if you still have it. message me on 0423684172
  5. Have for sale Some T3 parts I don't need anymore and rx7 ae86 brake upgrade.. AE86 Rx7 4 piston brake upgrade includes the following - AJPS Caliper brackets to suit Slotted and dimpled rotors RX7 4 piston calipers to suit upgrade After $700 for the lot or I would swap for standard ae86 brakes and $400 cash T3 fully fabricated Lower control arms $375 https://technotoytun...ms-ae86-corolla T3 Adjustable 4 links $380 https://technotoytun...ks-ae86-corolla T3 Castor rods $220 https://technotoytun...ds-ae86-corolla Yes its the same price as listed but that's not including conversion rate and then shipping from the US as well you would pay much more and all these items are still new. Message me on 0423 684 172 for quickest contact.
  6. Message me on 0423 684 172 easiest way to make contact.
  7. T18 rear bumper hasa dent and been painted no mounts $10 Lhf door free or will go in bin (slant front door) Full set of 4 wheels don't fit over my wilwoods to use to roll my car. 4x114 all have legal to good 195/50 r15 tyres $100 (all 4 pictured) Full set of other wheels with one pictured need 2 tyres $100. Other random stuff pictured is free come get it before I bin it. Rear king springs, steering rack, 4age fwd water pump pulley 20l fuel cell with brackets $20 Full 3tgte manifold loom ecu air box everything is there! $150. Ae86 steering column with key ect $20 T3 adjustable 4 links $400 T3 Rose jointed fully fabricated Lower control arms $400 T3 adjustable castor bars - $250 (all T3 stuff is brand new never installed, lca's do not come with steering arms or tie rod ends. Pair of AW11 MR2 recaro seats Nearly bolt int o a ke70 very good condition $400. Come get it before I throw it all out! Brisbane northside.
  8. I have my 2TG for sale as I wish to go with a different engine now. Has the following work done to engine. Reground cams ports cleaned up twin solex carbs and manifold Alloy gated sump holds over 1L extra oil Gilmer dive pulleys and belt Stainless extractors Driveline; J160 6 speed gearbox and shifter Firdenza alloy flywheel (4kg lighter than std one) Custom solid center button clutch modded to suit j160 gearbox Spent around 4k on all of this. After 3K Will throw in a T18 T series diff for FREE with this engine package only. Will NOT sell the diff separately please do not ask as you may be offended with my response. If T18 diff is not needed can take off $200 off the price. Located Brisbane northside, I'm at northgate engine and box and other stuff are in the car which is at my friends place at Whiteside near Petrie. But I will pull the motor and box out once it is sold will only take an hour or so to do. Message me on 0423 684 172 for a photo of the engine can't upload it on here.
  9. Bump, want to get rid of alot of this stuff people, make an offer.
  10. BUMP, message me 0423684172 for any pictures. Can make a reasonable offer on parts and can do deals on multiple parts.
  11. Ae86 struts with king springs and strut tops nothing else included. - $100 Ae71 and t18 struts complete with brakes and hubs and stuff ae71 struts have steering arms and lcas too. FREE!!! Have 2 s series diffs one with swaybar mounts cut off. 20 for one with mounts cut off 50 for other one. Ae71 manual borgy diff $50 4a rwd stuff including -rwd block and rubber mounts -rwd alternator and bracket to suit - rwd gearbox to block wings -4ac flywheel and clutch $300 Spirit wing - $160 Hilux rn40 g series diff with 4.11 ratio complete housing with axles, and center. $400 3 ke stockies tyres are stuffed or perished FREE!!! fixed back bucket seat with rails to suit ke70 $200 Ke70 tail lights $50 Ae71/ke70 doors complete no rust $50 each or $100 for all 4 Full ae71 front end guards, all lights/headlights, bumper, grill, beaver and other panel $150 Ae71 boot lid with holes for spirit wing $50 or free if buying spirit wing 20l fuel cell with brackets $30 Weird mix of t18 and ae86 pedal box which allows you to run an ae86 dash bolt in will work in a ke70 for a hydro conversion - $150 Ae86 jdm interior wiring loom $50 Ke70 uncracked dash $50 T18 seats comfier than ke70 ones and bot in $80 Rear lowered corolla king springs $20 Have 10x new 195/50r15 ovation tyres $75 each. Ae86 dash believe to be from jap.import? Only 97xxxkms on it $50 Ke70 tacho dash $50 Ae86 jdm vented rotors still good been machined $20 Full set of 13x7.5" mesh wheels fit flush on corollas with good 205 60 tyres $400 Ae71 and ke70 and t18 brake boosters with master cylinders $20ea Free 4ac bare motor had timing belt break still good with a new belt. Freee Full set of 16s to fit a corolla good 215 tyres $200 90% complete buick v6 conversion for corolla complete with engine, manual box, ecu, loom, tailshaft and other stuff has engine crossmemeber to suit already done $500 Ae71 and ae86 steering rack $40 ea Ae71 slant bonnet $50 good con no rust. Ae71 spirit pass seat good for a pass seat if you have a fixed back or whatever driver seat $30 Full set of 15s to suit corolla with good 195 50 tyres not hellaflush but good for skids $200 Ae86 steering column $100 Rebuilt eaton m90 supercharger $500 can't upload pictures only have my phone all pictures are on corolla FS pages on facebook though. Can do deals on big item stuff or if someone buys a heap of things I can make it cheaper as I would like all of this stuff gone!! Message me here or call or message 0423684172 All located Brisbane northside can help with delivery on big stuff though.
  12. Yeah I can get some if you're interested wouldn't be worth sending if you're in Penrith though.
  13. Suspect problem is in fuel pump not engine! Have all these bits to, message for photos. Rn40 hilux diff good to use in corolla. Comes complete just not all pictured diff center and axles included. $500 random fixed back with rails to suit ke70/ae71 $200 T18 struts complete $50 front lip was fitted to my t18 but tested it on an ae71 and fitted really well! $120 20l plastic fuel cell with brackets $80 ae86 struts with king springs NO hubs brakes or brackets otherwise complete. $120 have a t18 pedal box here but its been modded to use an ae86 steering shaft which comes with the pedalbox anyway. Will bolt into your ke70 or auto ae71. $200 Commodore v6 conversion includes manual box and buick v6 engine crossmember has been done already to bolt in and other stuff message for m9re details. Have complete s series diff $100 still fine to use.
  14. Parting ae71 spirit was going to fix the rust and keep it but engine is stuffed and couldn't be bothered putting a new one in. Pedal box, clutch master cylinder and hydraulic lines $300 Engine crossmember - $200 Sprit wing with boot lid - $250 T-50 gearbox and gearbox crossmember. $300 Spirit interior - make an offer. any other bits and pieces comment on here. All located brisbane northside at northgate. Also have commodore V6 conversion with manual gearbox was in my T18 has all wiring, engine crossmember modded to suit, wiring, modded extractors, used an ae71 crossmember so will bolt into ke70 and the like message for more details - $600 0423684172
  15. After some 3tc flywheel bolts, but I have heard that 4AC and 4AGE ones may work? Would like some ASAP in brisbane prefer northside but not worried as long as its in brisbane. Also after an IS200 or Altezza SXE10 shifter standard or short shifter not worried where it comes from.
  16. I've got a magmate that they sell at BOC been really good so far had it for nearly 2 years or so, done everything from panel work to welding diff mounts onto my hilux diff all done with gas though which I also think is worth it depending on how much you will use it though otherwise if you don't plan on using it often I might suggest going with the disposable gas bottles.
  17. Parting my project to finish one of my other two T18's Prices are pretty firm maybe bit cheaper if you buy more than one item. Full buick v6 conversion - $800 includes motor,manual box, loom, tailshaft (not yet modified), modified engine crossmember, modified extractors to clear steering shaft. The T18 has a steering rack crossmember so don't worry. Will fit any ke70, ae71 or ae86 and whatnot. Full bolt in S13 front end for corolla including correct tie rod and rack ends - $650 Includes coilovers, lca's, all brakes, correct tie rod ends and rack ends to suit as well can include lock spacer for an extra $50 too brand new. If bought with the lock spacer will come with whole steering rack. Rear S13 coilovers modified to suit rwd corolla - $350 Modified lower bushes to suit corolla diff, doesn't use the S13 top hats. Front lip $200 Full roll cage front legs run through dash instead of around - $700 Should fit ke70 fineas T18s have similar roof height. Longchamps have a set of 14x7 +1 and 14x7.5 +5 or something with good 185/60 bf goodrich tyres - $1300 Wheels on the rear are not for sale. Will swap for T series LSD with 4.3 gears Anything else you see just ask.
  18. You can get one that is shorter than 1410 but they are even rarer.
  19. bump negotiable on other items not wheels though.
  20. Will you sell the tailshaft for the hilux diff separate? I need the yoke that bolts to the diff.
  21. Pair of ae86 front struts with king springs and shocks to match, strut tops and ae86 non power steering arms - $250 NO BRAKES OR HUBS. Pair of 2TG twin carbs on manifold - $400 Full set of SSR XR4 longchamps 14x7 +1 and 14x7.5 -3 with good 185/60R14 BF goodrich tyres - $1200 Brisbane northside
  22. U series is the early corolla? E2x series? And the T is later celica and E7X series which aren't interchangeable.
  23. Some king springs and decent shocks to suit would suffice for your needs, will be a bit stiffer than standard but should ride quite well.
  24. Grab some old timing belt pulleys for any accessory driven items maybe need to buy a crank pulley though.
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