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Vt Saloon Car Build, Super Six Touring Car Racing

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G'day, i thought i'd start a thread for my vt racecar, iv'e had it for a few months now, i picked it up for $1200, it has been resprayed about 6 months ago, the clutch was effed, but i had to pull the gearbox out anyways because i have to run a t5 in the series i'll be going in, this is the site for what I'm aiming for www.vicsalooncars.com.au.htm . i have started stripping out the interior, i picked up some 17x8 mags for $100 off a mate, i have to run 17x8s in the series, i'll race it in the sprint series at winton till next year while i'm building it for saloon cars, then ill sadly sell my ke70 race car :( to buy the expensive bits to get me into the series :)


list of bits that i have to have for saloon cars:

cams approved roll cage that i'll build myself,

ss front lip,

235/45/r17 bridgestone potenza re11s type RH semi slicks,

xtreme flywheel i'll order some time this week,

fixed back race seat,

a mini spool,

and a fair bit of work to the motor but i can't think of what atm,

i have to run certain suspension,

that's all i can think of for now hahaha, they usually cost about $20,000 to build but as I'm building it myself i'm trying to do it for $8,000 haha, EDIT: more like $12,000......


here's some pics anyway :y:



it had fully sick (NOT) airbags in the back that i'll sell to get the springs i need:D







the clutch haha :D



got a ss spoiler from pick a part for $40, i need it for saloon cars lol



mags look much better in real life haha





cheers hope you all enjoy :D

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hmmmmmm I need a set of airbags for an upcomming project...

they are missing the pump, where are you from?

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central coast, NSW (hour north of sydney)


so whats there? Air tank, bags and controls? just no compressor?


I have friends all over Victoria, so getting them from you isnt a massive drama, shoot me through some pictures and what you want for it all.

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i think its only got the airbags and lines, nothing else, i might hang onto them for a while, iv'e got a mate that might want them, if not ill send u some pics, cheers :y:

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G'day, i got the tires on the mags, and mounted the spoiler, i have to take the spoiler off and paint it but i just wanted to see what it looked like haha, it needs lowering at the front, and springs for the back because its held up by jacks haha, looks pretty good though.












still have to strip out the front but haven't had time yet.






i'll probably do some more work tomorrow :y:

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G'day, iv'e pulled out the carpet, started to get the tar off the floor, i went down to Healesville for the weekend helping dad paint my cousins hr, i went to the wreckers and got some front pedders sports ride struts for $90 a pair, i also got rear springs, here's some pics :D


crap pic, i'll get some in the daylight when it's out of the shed haha



strut after a clean :D



the hr after allot of hours of body work :D



and after :D



i'll put the struts and the rear springs in tomorrow :D

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what motor is this going to run?

they run the v6, you can do a fair bit of work to them, heads can be shaved to 54cc with one type of piston or 50cc for the other, ECU, and heaps of little bits i can't think of, i think they hit a touch over 300hp, they run on E85 too Edited by glenpos

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hello :D i put the struts in yesterday, and rear springs, some how i managed to pick the 1 car out of about 20 that had higher rear springs than standard :/ my flywheel showed up today :D its pretty cool haha, i also got the t5 out of the vn, its got a good pressure plate, i just need a new clutch plate, then i can put it in the vt, i'm going to watch some saloon cars at winton on the weekend, hopefully i can get some more info :y:






flywheel, better be good for $400, it's the one i need though because its t5 to vt 8 bolt.






hope you all enjoy :)

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hello, i got my flywheel, its all fitted i had to buy a clutch plate, finished putting the t5 in tonight, took it for a spin hehe :D heres some pics of the conversion :y:


















modified the clutch from hydraulic to cable




hope you enjoy :y:

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goes pretty good, i think a t5 bolts in a vr, the vt ran a getrag but it shouldn't need mods for a vr, would be fun :D

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