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Help Me Hire A 4Wd In Broken Hill-Port Augusta !!


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So, my mate and his missus have their camper-trailer & a new 4WD to replace the old feral Landcruiser, and they want us to join them on a trip to see Lake Eyre with water in it during September.


I don't mind, but I'm not keen to buy a 4WD (probably an old Nissan Kingcab I will re-motor..) for one trip so soon and we're looking at hiring one. The problem is that the usual hire companies operate out of Broken Hill & Adelaide, so we have a long drive paying for every Km at some wallet-bending rate before we get anywhere.


Bluntly, I'd take the KE70 as I reckon the reports of how terrible the roads are will be over-rated (not m i n t !) by these city-slickers who don't have a clue about the countryside, but the wife won't let me!


So if you know anyone with a 4WD ute that can spare it for two weeks in exchange for some cash, I'd love to know! I know there are quite a few farmers around the Central West with extra utes sitting on the farm, so there must be a few down South. We will Rolla down to South Australia and then use a 4WD for the bit up to Lake Eyre and back. Actually, I'll probably take the Altezza, a bit more comfortable!

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