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Wedding Cars Needed For October 5Th - Cash Paid


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Hey guys


I'm currently restorin a ke20 ready for my wedding in october.

Now as nice as one 20 would be id love some more out on the day.

So i was wondering if any people on here would like to bring

Out there 20s 10s or 25s out on the day and bring the girls

To the place on time.


Now if interested please attach pics and we can discuss cash

From there but please don't show interest if u can't committ.


Thanks guys



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sounds like a good wedding.. I used my rotary ke11 as my wedding car but thats gone..

Id say i may be able to help... but my ke10 is not up to wedding standard...


would be awsome to see some rollas with ribbons.. let me know where your getting married so I can watch the cars :)


**EDIT** just realised the date.. will be in europe.. spewin

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Thatd be great man. Just gotta make sure u don't sell it.

The wedding its self is at the big church on jetty rd glenelg,

In which ive spoken to the council to try and get the area directly

In front reserved for the cars and just past it to as I'm not sure

How many cars will be in transit.


What sort of cash would u be after for a few hours?

The girls wouls need to be picked up from happy valley and

Taken down there ??

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