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What Have I Got Myself Into.


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Hey guys.


Just purcahsed my first rolla, a ke20 with a 4k and 5 speed.

Paid $1500 so you can probably guess the condition of it ;)

Anyway, I'm having a hard time working out all the things that are wrong with it. I just want to get it running and mobile so I can take it places to get fixed. I like to think I'm the handy type (I love working on cars) but I'm not and have no clue what I'm doing haha.


If anyone down south morphette vale area knows a thing or two (I think it's mainly electrical) and feels like helpung or at least telling me what I'm in for I would be much appreciated and would work out some $$


That being said. I also have a spare freshly rebuilt 4k engine with 3k manifold a 5 speed box and brand new garret turbo that could go to someone for getting my car running ;)


Hope to meet some of you soon anyway tho :)


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Thanks guy.


Yeah I will be throwing up pictures as I go.


Had a mate come round today, the starter motor is not wired properly and when it is wired has constant power. Thinks it may be ignition problem.

Things are already looking better.

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So it turned out the starter motor wasn't wired properly and burnt/melted a wire. I fixed that but its only temporary as the whole wire is melted from the starter motor back to the ignition coil. So thats a job to do later haha


The firing order was all wrong (the previous owner must have just slapped it back together). I tried to start it but it just wouldn't tick over. The points were worn pretty bad so I replaced them and then I heard her roar :) I was very excited as I was told it hadn't started in over two years, and I had gotten myself in over my head.

It wouldn't idle, it would always stall when the throttle was let go so I rebuilt the carby (I should have taken photos as it went from black to silver) I now have the problem of not being able to tune the carby with out a tacho.

When I put the rebuilt carby back on and tested it, I had accidently left the battery connected when I finished (I keep disconnecting it as I know the car has electrical problems) I came back to the car a few hours later and noticed a little puddle under the car, poped the hood and the ignition coil was burning hot and it had a pin prick on the top and was bubbling from it. At this stage I was really worried about the electrical problems with it, but doing a little searching on here and the net I found the the coil was also wired wrong. I wired it up properly but now I couldn't get it to start.

I purchased a new ignition coil and ballast resistor as mine didn't even have one, I wired it up properly and its alive again.

I worked on something else for a while (flushed the radiator and found that it has a leak from the lower hose) and came back to it 30mins later and the coil was cold. I think that problem is solved.


So I now have a radiator hose leak and a clutch cable, accelerator cable, choke cable to install when they get here. Also got a cheap tacho coming so I can wire it up and tune the carby.

the engine misses at idle, I'm hoping due to the idle mixer but once done it should be drivable.


I also got the central locking in the drivers side door working, just need to do the passengers side now.

Getting there slowly


Just found a picture you can compare the carby to. Although the real backed on snot was on the other side but you can still get an idea how much better it came up. You can also see the new ignition coil.



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You'll have to make sure those vacuum pipes on the carb are all sealed or the air leak will stop it idling.


What happens if you wind the idle speed screw up and up?? Just get it idling at any speed to start with. Then you can play with the idle mixture and speed to get it right.


But first, you can check the timing by hand-


Take the lead out of the coil and take the dizzy cap off.


Turn the crank to 10deg before TDC on the front pulley, you can see which way the rotor spins as you do it. The


Turn on the ignition, then loosen the dizzy and turn it back a few degrees. Turn it forward until the points just open and the coil sparks. Turn it back and move it forward again a couple of times until you have the dizzy where it just sparks. Then tighten it up. That will set the timing to about 10deg, good enough to run on forever.


Once you have the timing right, set the carb up. Adding advance to the timing will increase idle speed, retarding it will slow the idle, so you set timing first. Maybe the timing is too retarded right now so it won't idle.


..or maybe its leaking air in, or the idle speed screw is set too low, or the idle jet/drillings are blocked, or the float level is too high and it is flooding, or...

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Great thanks, I friend timed it like the way you described but I will give it ago and make sure he did it right.

The vacuum hoses are plugged up so I don't think its that.


So to tune the carby I would warm up the car? Turn the idle mixture all the way in the two turns back out? Start the car again and screw the idle speed out as much as I can with out stalling? Then turn the idle mixture again? Which way do I turn the idle mixture, in or out?

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basically yes-


Screw the idle mixture in then out 1.5turns, warm it up, screw up the idle speed until it idles then slow it down as much as you can to keep it going smoothly. Then screw the idle mixture in and out to get the fastest and smoothest idle, and finally set the speed as slow as it will go nicely.


If it just dies quickly as you slow it down then there's a problem, like a blocked jet. Winding the idle screw out makes it richer, so you run it as far in as you can with a good even idle.


When you rebuilt the carb did you take out the jets and clean behind them in the drillings? I just use a syringe full of petrol to hose fuel through the passages, others use compressed air. If shit builds up when the carb is left dry for a year or two it will impede fuel flow.

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Ok great. Thanks for the help.

Yeah I had I walkthrough to cleaning the carby. Followed it to the letter. So there should be no issue with that. If I still can't get it right I might see if I can borrow a working carby from a friend, so I can tell the difference.


Thanks again for the help

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