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Need Help From A Member Or Two


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Hey again guys.


Just want to start off by saying I have learnt so much from this forum and have been given a lot of help and advice.


I recently purchased a ke20 with a 4k and manual conversion. I was told it only needed timing and starter motor rewired. The starter motor was wired wrong and melted a wire so I fixed that (I think its wired properly now) I then kicked it in the guts with a new battery, it hadn't been started in over two years I was told. It didn't want to start, checked spark plugs and they were near new, and leads were ok. Turned out it was the points in the dizzy so changed them and BOOM!!!! She was alive :)

Only now it wouldn't idle. So I rebuilt the carby over the weekend but can't tune it properly with out a tacho (ordered a cheapy)

When I start it now it won't turn off with the ignition either. I'm not sure if it ever did as prior to rebuilding the carby I think it always stalled on me.


I left the battery connected for a couple of hours while I went out (I forgot to disconnect it) when I came home I noticed a little puddle under the car., the ignition coil was extremely hot and had a pin prick in it and was bubbling.


I would really appreciate if someone could come out and have a look at all my wiring. I will obviously pay for your time.

Even better if someone could dive their ke20 to mine so I know what its "meant" to look like haha

I'm missing so many parts its not funny.


I just want to get it running, reliable and driveable and will fix things on the way. But at the moment I'm really struggling with the electrical side of things.



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Here is a picture. I just worked out it may have been wires wrong. I looked at a diagram from here http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/46089-how-to-install-an-electronic-distributor/

When I looked at mine, the wire running to the dizzy was on the positve side and the wire running to the starter was on the negative side. I swaped them around is that right?

Sta= starter motor

Ing= ignition

Diz= dizzy

The pink line just show the wire running to the noise suppresor.


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I suspect you have an issue resulting in a constantly on ignition. The car should not heat up a coil while turned off, unless the ignition is on. Checkj the switch contacts and see if the ignition switch is functioning, it might be a short, or there might be ashort in the circuit that connects the wires from either side of the switch somehow. Inslect for damage, and test the switch and report back. Its wierd if it starts on the key, that terminal in the switch must be fine, but maybe the circuit you create at the ignition on position before you get to start position is shorted and never turns off. You never know with old cars. Id be looking to see if someone has fitted an immobiliser incorrectly or an alarm, or butchered something for an easy power feed to a radio or something and created other problems along the way. Youve got to physically inspect and pay great attention to anything that doesnt look 100% factory.

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Thanks for the advice.


I purchased a new ignition coil as I don't have a voltmeter to test the old one and I got a ballast resistor.

I wired them the same as I have done it the picture above and it starts fine (I should say turns over fine as it still needs the carby tuned and timing done properly)

As I write this I forgot to test if the car turns off with the ignition. Whoops

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