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New Guy - Need Clarification - Te21 Vs Ke2X


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Hello Gents/Ladies


Te21 Vs Ke2x


I'm here in US and own a 1974 Corolla - labelled Te-21 ( Deluxe 2 door model with 4 speed transmission and 2TC 1.6L motor.)

I am trying to find parts and always see these models bundled together.

I would like to know what are the differences if any, so I can buy the correct parts to restore. I've looked on Wiki for comparison but they still fall under the same grouping.

I would like to know the difference/similarities in the front cross member area so I can order the right parts/kits for a motor swap as well as any other interchangeable suspension items.


Thank you in advance. Great site.


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TE crossmember is different to KE with respect to the actual engine mounts, but otherwise identical in all other respects. In other words, mounting points to chassis and suspension take offs. Tie bars, steering components such as tie rods and ball joints are common across the range as are all front bushes.


TE struts/brakes are completely different including insert diameter. Steering knuckles have different bolt spacing so you can't just bolt struts from one into the other.


There are some variations in the rear depending on age of the car and local specifications. You should check which rear axle you have. There are 2 rear bushing sizes dependent on build date.


Edit: sorry just saw it was a 1974 which means you have the larger rear bushings.

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