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'07 Corolla (Zre152R) A/c Clutch Problem?

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Greetings from Sydney! I (my mum, actually) have an '07 Corolla sedan (ZRE152R - equivalent to '09 US model, I think?) with 70k miles on the clock. Today it dropped these 2 things in the pictures attached, scaring the hell out of mum while she was driving with aircon off. The smaller piece has "Denso" written on it, so I thought aircon part. Sure enough the aircon doesn't work anymore - blows hot air.


It's not the a/c compressor pulley since the belt and all pulleys are intact. So it's the a/c compressor clutch?! I can't find the part online, so...what is it? And where did it fall/break off of?


Any help will be much appreciated!! Thank you!





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At a quick look id say the aircon pulley has shat its self.


The clutch you are holding in the photos is on the front. If you have this there is probably only hopes and dreams holding the pullet on the bearing with belt.


Clutch will be sold as an assembly new pullet bearing etc. Id graba whole new assembly. Probably wont be cheap but hit up Toyota dealer and haggle.




P.S. Throw up some pics of the engine bay for us.

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Thanks for the replies! ken, yep, from the Google pics they seem to be from the top of the AC compressor. It seems I have to cough up for an entire AC condenser unit :elvis: and de/regas the AC. The mechanic recommends we replace the belt as well.


cameron, do you think it should be undriveable i.e. the pulley can let go? I've attached the engine bay pics. I've given the pulley a good wiggle and there's no play, and there's also no play whatsoever with the engine running.



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