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L Plater Ae71 Of Lolness

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Hey All


Picked up a stock as a rock AE71 csx in silver (little bit of surface rust which I am sanding back and killing slowly) she has 200k on the clock and is stupid clean apart from a few scrapes.


Got it to teach my GF to drive in and for something to tinker on. Had a KE70 in my late teens that was full of rust (only cost me a 12pack of beer though haha)


Haven't had a 4AC since my 88 corolla hatchback (ae92) think you call them seca's over here.


Just getting it ready for a rwc atm


Things to do are replace a cracked steering boot and the drivers seatbelt (new boots on the way and I have a spare belt, will send the orginal one to be refurbished)


Have just put some bbs rims with new tires on. Still have the factory 13s and have a mismatched set of 14s for track use. Still need to pickup some good front tyres, any suggestions??


Only issue I have noticed so far is the brakes are crap (seem to have gotten them better with use) I have a pajero MC to go in and ra40 struts with brakes etc as well on the way.


Other issue is she intermittently starts, not sure what the story is as I havent played with carbs in a long time


Fuel is showing halfway up in the sight glass, and it revs on the starter motor but doesnt seem to keep running


Could be the auto choke? (Fixed hadn't aligned the new ignition barrel properly when I replaced it and it moved to the off location when I let go of the key)


Will have another play and see how I go, may have to look into an electronic dizzy swap.


Have to keep the engine appearing factory for the GF when she goes on Ps


Will post pics soon :) thanks for any help in advance


Bbs rims need to get some centres and lock nuts


Rims on the car, 15X6.5 +18






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Managed to install Central locking today, however it only works off the remote atm so need to work that out.


Waiting on steering rack boots to arrive


Installed my gktech steering wheel and SASS boss kit only to have to realign it and strip a bolt and damage a few things so will need a new horn button, cover and probably most importantly bolts (stainless I think)


Still waiting on a few parts, hope to take it for a RWC next Sat all going well :) and then need to sort some insurance


Managed to get once banjo bolt at pickapart today as well as a full set of window winders, (broke one today :( )


Drove her to pickapart and back on a rego exemption as I needed to charge the battery and work a few things out, idle is a little rough so will look into adjusting that

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