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  1. Gave it a go today and discovered the battery has gone flat, will pick up a new one this weekend as the one in there atm is god knows how old
  2. Currently working with the guy I brought an ignition switch off to get the correct part He resent me what he had listed and was the same as the first one I brought Any idea how I find the build date?
  3. Ledgend :) appricate it Seems tracking down the right ignition switch is a pita
  4. If I wanted to bypass the ignition switch what wires do I need to wire upto a toggle switch for on and then a push button for start
  5. Went to install it sat to discover I had been sent the wrong one Emailed the ebay vendor and have arranged to send it back
  6. Replaced the ballest resistor last weekend no change Brought a brand new ignition switch which ill put in on sat If that doesnt work then ill have to play with the ignition barrel and metal shaft that goes through the steering column
  7. Thought it might be the ballest resistor but doesnt seem to be ( I bypassed it with the same issue) Probably needs replaced anyway so will get a new one might also buy a new switch as the one from pickapart might be faulty Sigh I hate electrical issues
  8. Seems the car starts and stays on if I hold the key forward a little from the on point but then I let it go and it aligns on the on position it kills the engine. Does this with no ignition installed or with the starter switch unbolted Got a new starter switch from pickapart and same issue Any thoughts ? Have tried realigning the starter switch to the ignition barrel and no change Tried taking the ignition barrel out and starting with a screw driver but the switch doesnt start far enough forward :S
  9. I have RA40 steering arms as well ;)
  10. Cheers got them with thres for a great price Needs lowering I think, way too boatlike atm
  11. Managed to install Central locking today, however it only works off the remote atm so need to work that out. Waiting on steering rack boots to arrive Installed my gktech steering wheel and SASS boss kit only to have to realign it and strip a bolt and damage a few things so will need a new horn button, cover and probably most importantly bolts (stainless I think) Still waiting on a few parts, hope to take it for a RWC next Sat all going well :) and then need to sort some insurance Managed to get once banjo bolt at pickapart today as well as a full set of window winders, (broke one today :( ) Drove her to pickapart and back on a rego exemption as I needed to charge the battery and work a few things out, idle is a little rough so will look into adjusting that
  12. So my exhaust to manifold cold start hose thing is catus anyone know where I get a replacement ?
  13. How much for the tie rod ends and crash tubes with shipping to 3012?
  14. Tie rod ends and the crash tubes that bolt to the end of the steering rack?
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