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1971 Toyota Corolla station wagon

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I don't know much about this car  except it is a second owner car.  With 47000 original miles  my question is simple is it worth 1000 dollars.  









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So long as you're happy to spend the money and time to restore it as a hobby and entertainment, then you end up with a fine little classic run-around.

I've certainly seen worse!

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I was just trying to make sure I wasnt overpaying if I buy it, its to keep for a while I have a 81 datsun wagon 210 that is really close to this, just debating if I want to add this and see if there is any aftermarket for this one, The 210 parts are hard to come by

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I went to check the vehicle out in person and it is rougher than I thought take a look at the pictures and tell me what you guys think I am leaning towards more like 500 based on the rust repair and when I got there it didnt run, its hard for me to come off a grand for a car I can't drive and hear the engine.  What say you.

20170411_133524_001 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133534 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133545 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133601 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133608 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133614 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133619 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133630 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133635 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133644 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133706 (640x480).jpg

20170411_133713 (640x480).jpg

20170411_134047 (480x640).jpg

20170411_134117 (640x480).jpg

20170411_134242 (480x640).jpg

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