AE92 SX SECA Pricing Question

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Looking at selling my AE92 SX SECA when I get my AE71 roadworthy. What would be a reasonable price?

The cars done 140,000km~ is dead stock, 5 sp manual and in very good condition. I'd post photos but my phones screen died yesterday. I'll upload them when it's been repaired.

But for now I'll just describe the things that need attention: Rims need a new clear coat as it's peeling, rear doors have tiny rust spots(1 on each door) on the edge(1cm if that) and the rear spoiler has very minor damage.

Haven't done it yet but I'll be polishing the whole car.

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Need pictures mate.

Based on your description though, sub 1500 dollars, maybe closer to 1000. 

Sadly with rust, regardless of teh size the same amount of work is required to fix it, cut, weld, bog and paint. not much difference between fixing a 1cm rust hole and a 3cm rust hole, still rust.

The poor ol ae92s are getting old, and even good condition ones just aren't worth much, in my opinion anyway.

here is one for 1900, if i was in the market id offer him 1400. 

you might be better off keeping your ae92 and putting the 4age into your ae71 ;)



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I'm looking for a SX Seca donor, as my wife want me to fix up her beloved 'first ever' car that she bought new in 1992. I would be interested in talking to you about your SX.


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