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Panel van paddock find


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Hey peeps! 

Always loved the ke70 and finally picked one up. Sure not the best condition but I couldn't refuse the $150 price tag and PANEL VAN! 

Motor is seized aswell as brakes. Manual box feels good. Nearly no rust except a few pin holes in not important places. Interior doesn't exist. 

Not much planned for it. Replace motor and put a auto behind it. Low and on a nice set of rims. Interior, just bring it back to standard. Nothing flash just after a nice cruiser. 

Wishfull thinking: 7k motor. Commodore/magna front brake.  Lsd disc brake diff from a corona. 

It will be a slow build as I'm currently finishing my Datsun 521.

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Wow B-Lugg I honestly didn't know that. Cool! The front is damaged but only the left side, the apron and chrome bumber that are both repairable. 

I'm also lucky it is 80% complete. Only need to find a new windscreen and driver side window. Already have a rear window lined up.  Then a newer interior-thinking I'll need a donor car. 

Once it's water tight or I can make room under cover for it,  I'll tear the inside out to see if there is any rust under the carpet. Then I'll hook into then brakes and bushes. 

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Nice, I honestly don't think I'll need much for it.

Front, Rear and driver windows are gone/smashed. Have a rear lined up already. 

Body panels are all there. Haven't had much time to have a good look at the brakes and everything in the engine bay. So I'm not sure what to chase after, yet. 

I'll be sure to hit you up if I'm in need of a few bits!

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The car has the exact same floor plan as a regular E7 so you will have no issue transferring standard stuff. It's really just the door cards and some dash bits that will be a pain if they're a bit stuffed. 

I hope you're committed to it, would like to see a Panno thread.

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