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AE71 Mad Max project

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Hey everyone, first time posting but have been coming to rollaclub for ages for advice. Now my problem is that I have an AE71 project where I want to give it raised suspension, the opposite of about everyone else on this site haha. Now if anyone knows of any cheap and not necessarily road legal ways of raising it, short of welding the shocks, that'd be really appreciated.


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Do you think you will need more suspension travel than normal, or just more height??

If you just want more height you can move the body up on the suspension.

At the front this means keeping the shock & spring as it is & building some new mount on the body. However, this also does funny things to your suspension...  The LCAs and the tie-rod ends will droop terribly & you will get bump steer and big track changes. The castor will increase as the strut gets pulled forward. The camber will become more positive as the wheels tuck under...

At the rear the arms will hang down so you get more fore 'n aft travel of the diff nose. This will make the driveshaft move further in & out between the up and down in the suspension. The panhard rod will pull the diff over to one side of the car more too.  The extra angle on the universal joints won't do them any good either, they will get more of a difference in speed in each 1/4 turn of the shaft.

If you want more suspension travel as well, it gets more complex.. then the shocks need more travel, and the springs will probably need that too.  Finding longer shocks might be quite difficult.

See what you can find in the way of suspension animations on Google, and jack the car up with shocks disconnected to see what it looks like and what will go wrong.

Once you get an idea of how many mm you want to raise it we can sort out how to do it. We raised the rally car in the nose very simply by re-welding the spring mount.

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