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Me again just wondering how we get to the back of the central locking switch in a 2000 model dash, does it come out of the panel it's in or does the whole small square unit come out to access behind.

Looking at doing a remote central lock kit seeing as my alarm went so well. Also wondering if the switch will be like my old '95 and negative trigger? I think that's how to put it because when I test light probed the 2 wires i used on the central lock switch on the '95 Seca as soon as i touched the wire with the probe it activated the central locking or deactivated depending on the wire.

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Hi all,

Just closing this one out.

Finished the job today and turns out the switch panel pulls out really easily with some gentle probing with a slim flexible metal blade [ putty knife ]  around the edge until you slip the clips on it. The wiring turned out to be  -ve trigger same as the 95 Seca and I found a white multi plug under the dash near the bonnet release that isn't connected to anything which had a nice free permanent power wire so I tapped that & earthed under one of the dash bolts so everything fitted under the dash neatly. One thing I did was tap into the parkers with 1 trigger   [ instead of the indicators with 2 triggers ] as the visible warning of operation \ find car option,  also left out the LED cause I can't see why you'd have one for this job.

All in all very happy again with how easy these old girls are to work with \ on - 'cept I ain't as flexible as I used to be to get under dash \ on floor when needed.

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