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Looing for KE70 info


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Hi, new to the forum and recently got a ke70. My daily is an ra65 but i wanted something to play/learn with.

First off, apologies if this is the wrong spot to ask.

Just wondering what the differences were between the 84 and 83 model. I'm looking at picking up a chrome bumper, but all of the listings seem to say 81-83 models. Is there actually a body size difference?

Do people prefer the 83 models?

Have searched around but can't find much info on the physical differences on the body's (if there even is any difference).

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In '83 they changed from flat-front to slanty,  I have two '83s, one of each.

Basically all is different from the windscreen forward, including the radiator panel. The slanty was made into the AE71 with its 4A motor, so they are sort after for 4AGE conversions.

The flat-fronts are most popular with enthusiasts, especially converting them back to chrome bumpers and 4 round headlights. They won't bolt onto slantys, although I have seen it done.

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