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3k-c rebuild advice

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At this point use it as a learning experience, and only continue with a rebuild if you actually want to spend the money and time to get it done. Otherwise, get a running engine and replace the old one.

You will need (as per parrots post and mine above) to measure all interfaces requiring new parts. They were within tolerances *once*, and that was coming out of the Toyota factory over 40 years ago. Every time it has started since then it has gotten further and further out of tolerance. You literally have zero idea what the state of the engine is unless you measure these interfaces. Not being nasty and just trying to state facts.

I would use the factory manual, you can obtain a copy easily enough. Try this link.

You will need a micrometers or varying types. I would recommend a set of vernier calipers and a bore dial-indicator at the very minimum.

Let us know if there is anything else you need to know. This is a process I have done myself many times and the simplest/smallest oversight will lead to an engine that eats itself within minutes, hours or weeks.

Cheers - boingk

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see you had the block and head at the shop. Good move. You will need bores machined most likely and you can get the head skimmed while its there. Being only a small-bore 4cyl it shouldnt cost too much.

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Yeah. I'll likely get the block decked so as to not shave too much off the head, but I'll be doing that. I'm also having the cylinders honed and crankshaft balanced. I'll ask the shop about measurements. I'm using this car as a learning experience for myself as it's an incredibly simple engine so I hope I do well. Thanks again everyone for being so helpful.

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No worries mate, happy to help. It doesn't really matter what surface the material comes off so long as it isn't too much - that will require new pushrods. A small amount of decking (often called 'skimming') is normal when rebuilding so both surfaces are completely level and will mate well.

Check out some of the Roadkill videos on Youtube if you are curious about engine building, they do some amazing (and achievable!) stuff.

 - boingk

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On 4/12/2018 at 6:57 PM, 7000rpm said:

There is heaps of adjustment in the rockers. I decked my head to go from stock 32ish cc to 26cc. Flat top pistons and cam with 11.5 mm lift. Used all stock gear

Hello bro. How did you install your high cam? Using the marks from the 4k manuals?

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