ke30 Drum to Disc conversion & Coilover conversion.

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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the forum and tried finding some answers but not as successful hence I'm here to bother y'all again regarding the Discbrake and coilover conversions front and rear.

Please if y'all could redirect me to some topic where I could find some answers would be great.

I am based in India hence don't have much access to old JDM parts here where I could keep trying out different stuff, do some R&D and keep improving.
mostly going the 3S-GE way and will boost it eventually which is why, looking for the above mentioned conversions.

there is a lot of aftermarkets available for the AE86, do the 86 components fit with a little tinkering here and there?

thanks alot for the help and time in advance. cheers.


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