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Tie Rod/tube/ke70/ke3x/5x Faq


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have been getting pm's for ages now, asking same question. I'm sure ive answered it about 6356456 times over 435364 threads...

And yes I'm going to add this info to the FAQ... so all you people can read it, and learn it.... its not hard!


This is all from my own experience, i can't guarantee it will work 100% or fit. you may have other factors to consider.


First all, KE70 models.


XT130 LCA's Into a KE70... How do i do it?


First of all, XT130 corona LCA is same as the KE30/55 and also the RA40 Celica. ive tried all 3 in my old KE70 and got same result.


It all just bolts in, hour or two tops, depending if bolts stuck, or you never done it before.

As for what tierod/tube combo to use for the above, i use the RA40 Celica tierod and a KE30 tube (dunno whats proper name of this, i call it "the tube")

The KE30 tube is adjustable at both ends unlike the stock KE70 item (number 1 in pic). this will give you more then enough safe adjustment.


Putting sigma LCA's into a KE70


First off, ive never tried these, BUT, its same procedure.

Bolts in, can't remeber what Sigma LCA it is, but i think its the GH one. ill double check later and confirm it. then ill add all this into the FAQ.

You will have to drill a new hole for the Swaybar link to mount other wise it will be on a angle like so /


As for the TIEROD/TUBE combo, id use a RA60 Celica Tube, and a RA40 tierod. the tube is around 25mm longer then a KE30 one so it will compensate for the extra 30 odd mm you have just added to the track either side.


Sigma LCA into a KE3X/5X


Once again, same as KE70, bolt in, drill hole for swaybar link blah blah blah.


Main question i get its tierod/tube combo... again....!


RA60 tube, KE30/55/RA40 tierod... they all the same from what i can tell. just price difference.


here is a quick pic, I'm tired and will edit this over next few days.




1) Stock KE70 tierod end

2)KE30 tierod

3)RA60 tierod

4)RA40 tierod and KE30 tube

5)RA40 tierod and RA60 tube


EDIT, remember reading the Metal tube in the LCA bush has to be cut down either side to fit either corolla first. will once again confirm this later.



What struts fit in what?


What fits in a KE3x/5x?


XT130, use the Top hat (with the 3 studs) from what ever car your putting them in. Should fit as is as spring diameter is same as KE30/55 (maybe a few mm wider... not 100% sure) use XT130 steering arms

RT132... same as above. Use RT132 steering arms

TA22 - Bolt in, use TA22 steering arms

RA60 - use your current cars top hat, these struts will give + camber.. fix with Sigma arms and camber tops.

RA40, bolt in using your current cars top hat.

T18 Series 1, bolt in, use your current cars top hat, T18 steering arms, or AE18

AE86, same as T18


What fits in a KE70?


Those above struts WONT FIT in there stock form, the spring perch and spring diameter is too big, will foul on strut towers.

But you can convert them Coilover and use all of them :wink:


AE86 bolt in with your KE70 top hats, use AE86 steering arms. (T18 series 1 same)

T18 also bolt in using KE70 top hat.


Once again, ill update as i find more.

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Have a few extras to add that i've found.


Side on shot of the difference in height


From the top down showing the difference in the triangle of the bolts. T-18 and KE55(and ke3x) are the same apart from the bolts, KE70 has one corner of the triangle longer


This is where it gets interesting - The top spring perches for the t-18 ke55/3x are, apart from the looks, are the same diameter. I'm running ke30 perches on my t-18 springs.


Side shot showing the height difference


and with the top hats


Can see why i went with the ke30 perch and top hat


Hope you do mind with the extras, Dan.

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can anyone confirm witch model sigma the lca come out of and how much camber they give :fuzz: cheers


i did this to my pano not long ago. not sure what model they were out of but the camber is stupid, if i do this again to my next 70 will just go rona lca's. haven't had a wheel alignment yet (done bout 10,000ks since putting them in to :) ) and most people that see it say it looks about 4 maybe 5 degrees. oh and the cops have told me a few times they only pulled me over cause they thought my wheels were gonna fall off lol.

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  • 7 months later...

ok guys I'm wanting to find out the measurements of different tie rod tubes.


KE25 tie rod tubes are 110mm without the bolts, 130mm with bolts...


also I got what looks like KE30 or KE55 tie rod tubes with the clamps 150mm but can anyone confirm this not sure if there is difference between 30 and 55...

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From the top down showing the difference in the triangle of the bolts. T-18 and KE55(and ke3x) are the same apart from the bolts, KE70 has one corner of the triangle longer

post-1432-021795500 1287019702_thumb.jpg

What i was meant to say with that is that the bolt spacing (triangle) between the t-18 and ke3x/5x is the same, its only the bolts that are different. The t-18 uses an M8 bolt and the ke3x/5x uses an M10. The t-18 bearing plate fits where the ke3x/5x fits.



Tally, the tie rod tube on my ke30 is 150mm end to end. I'd expect the '55 to be the same.

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thanks towe001


has anyone used ke30 tie rods on a KE2# before? I chucked them on but there is no more adjustment left on the inner and outer tie rod ends...


Can solve this by using ke30/55 inner tie rod ends but they are different shape and will hit the pit-man and idler arms...

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ok so found this picture amongst my collection of pics.


Its a TE27 corolla and it has E3# tie rod tubes, not the usual nut and tube E2# style.


Now if you have a look at the inner tie rod end u can see that the groove is not in the right place, that means it is a E3# inner tie rod as well...


Also shorter then a E2# inner tie rod...


Now as a result of using E3# stuff u can see that the tie rod clamp comes very close to the pit-man arm... I think it is off by 5mm or so but very close...


Thats the only problem I'm having, should I use the KE3# tie rod tubes or not... hmmm....



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My quick answer to that would be "no". I wouldn't really feel all that comfortable with something like that so close. Could always move that clamp around a little to open the space up but i can just see it when you go to get an alignment some fool at the tire shop is going to move it back. But at the same time with moving the clamp around you may not get the same clamping force.

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Flip clamp 180 degrees bolt wont be near pitman arm and will still get correct clamping force.


Or get a GOOD band clamp any direction it is put on will clamp it jsut get a good one done up TIGHT...


As that is to close for comfort for me. When car is flat on ground with weight on it and the parts all move does it get closer to the pitman arm?




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