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Tie Rod/tube/ke70/ke3x/5x Faq


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Quick question guys. Didn't wanna start a new thread, so I thought I'd ask here.


I'm about to pickup a KE70 83 model. I have a list of suspension parts I've compiled and I was just wanting to run it past some of you more experienced guys before I go ahead and pay for it all.




AE86 Koni Adjustable front shocks w/ KE70 top hats

XT130 LCAs

AE86 Power Steering Arms

50mm Lowered Springs.




KE70 Koni Adjustable rear shocks

50mm Lowered Springs




The above setup is basically so I can run some wide wheels. At the moment, its likely that I will be buying a set of Rota Shakotan 15x8 -0 offset, with a 195/45/15. Also open to 15x8 -11 or 15x9 -0.


Does the above setup work, and if not, what would you change/add/remove


Thanks in advance gents.



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No it won't all work because the ae86 shocks will not fit the ke70 struts. You will need ae86, xt130, t18 or similar struts to fit those. AE86 Power Steering Arms won't fit ke70 struts either i don't think..

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Hi Guys,


Yeah, will be using AE86 struts, with the KE70 top hats. AE86 steering arms, and xt130 LCAs. Cheers for the info.


I'm about to order some Rota Shakotans, and am unsure of whether to go 8" wide or 9" wide.


Both wheels will be +0 offset.


Does anyone have any pics of roughly what it will look like with the config I've mentioned above?


Cheers fellas,


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