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  1. oh really? well ill definantly be keen for the next one
  2. should we try get a few corollas together for a bit of a line up next show? whattya rekon reed?
  3. I drove in as you drove out reed, I was in the white ke55 with front lip n roof racks
  4. oi your naths mate, I got him on instagram, seen he posted a pic of this or he liked it or something, interior looks pretty neat, will be good to see what ya do with it
  5. i will definantly be there as it is just 15 minutes along the road from home
  6. anyone heading out to lakeside raceway on the 23rd of september for the japanese day?
  7. i have a blue vl sedan, has a decent sound system, 28 spline disc brake lsd, 18's with good tread, neads a bit of work has rust in the boot n around the front windscreen, $2000 open to swaps text 0422674187 for pics Scott.
  8. Azzy_10, I didn't in my ke55 with gh sigma arms, still got heaps of thread to play with
  9. yes i found this with mine, toe is a bit excessive but its needed with the camber n handles way better
  10. i got gh sigmas in my ke55, gives a tough stance, nothing to major but still what i aimed for
  11. this made me laugh, my diff in my ke55 actually sits 5 to 10 mm to right, but i do beleive it is because off the blocks n the u bolts need a loosen n kicked to the passenger side
  12. Put the gh sigma arms in my ke55, all I had to do was drill a new hole for the swaybar link pin and grind down the lca inner bush to make it thinner, didn't need to use ra celica tubes, quite effective outcome with 2 degrees of camber each side
  13. will ra65 tie rods have enough length to wind the toe out? or will i have to find ra40?
  14. I have a 7k in my ke70, I'm having some troubles with getting it running right, I'm just using stock 4k carb n manifold, would I need a bigger carb to compensate for the bigger engine?
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