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Tie Rod/tube/ke70/ke3x/5x Faq


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Put the gh sigma arms in my ke55, all I had to do was drill a new hole for the swaybar link pin and grind down the lca inner bush to make it thinner, didn't need to use ra celica tubes, quite effective outcome with 2 degrees of camber each side

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Was fitting some GH sigma LCA's in my KE55 this arvo when I found I already had 2 different length tie rod tubes.


The originals from the 55 and some from when I picked up some XT130 struts.


KE55 - 152.5mm

XT130 - 172mm




The XT130 tie rods fit perfectly with the Sigma GH LCA's and XT130 struts.


Have been looking around for RA60 tubes yet looks like I don't need them :-)

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gentleman please help

am restoring a KE30 which is in stock set-up. 3K with 4 speed manual transmission.

am rebuilding the engine and wish to swap a 5 speed transmission only.

please guide me with Transmission Code which is bolt-on interchangeable
Thank you 

Oct 16 2022

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Yes, the K40 and K50 boxes are quite easily swapped.  The box is basically the same, they fitted 5th gear in the tail section, but there are different tail sections on both boxes for different Corollas.

This was to keep the gear lever in the transmission tunnel hole on different models, so you might find a K50 that leaves the gear lever too far back.  Same with going from auto to manual.

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Hi Pasha,

                 A very easy, & worthwhile conversion.  Certainly, starting with a manual, rather than an auto, as I did, makes the amount of work a lot easier.

5 speed boxes are getting harder to come by, & many are now "long in the tooth".  (No pun intended)

The best 5 speed gearbox, is the one that came out in the KE70.  It has the gearstick back a bit further, than the  earlier K50 gear boxes.  It places the gearstick in a really good position.  Only trouble is, that if the KE70 5 speed gearbox you get hold of; needs some parts; things like bearings, are getting very hard to come by.

If you use the 5 speed box from a KE70, makes sure you get hold of the rear gearbox cross member.  You may have to "massage" the hole in the top of the floor transmission hump, but that is best done, after you do a trial fit.

Other than that, it's all very easy.  Before you start, just check what diff ratio, your KE30 has. There was a couple of ratios used, & the KE30 auto had a horrible one, like  4.3 or something.  The best diff to go with your 5 speed box, would probably be a BW one, where I think the ratio was something like 3.98, or thereabouts.

Also, make sure the reversing light switch on the gearbox, is working, before you install, & has wires attached long enough, as once it is in the car, up in position, it's almost impossible to get at the reversing switch.

Lets know how you go.  Where are you located ?

Cheers Banjo

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am located in city of Karachi in Pakistan.
the local scrapyards are ready to supply me a K50, with a 2 weeks warranty for any humming or grinding noise, if there is any noise of humming at any speed they will take back the transmission.

am skeptical when i made a condition to drain the fluid and refresh new at my cost before i pay 75% and take delivery, every scrapyard with K50 declined that. 

we have smart scammers into automotive parts business specially at scrapyards. I was wondering what if they poured in a thick viscosity tranny fluid to hid whining / grinding noise and later when i flush the fluid i end-up at 100% loss.

is that condition of mine to refresh new transmission fluid unreasonable.? 

our market (Pakistan) is almost non-existent with vehicle Transmission rebuild shops., so opening up a transmission to rebuild as DIY i will end up stuck with new parts not available.

please guide me how can i test for noisy transmission out of vehicle., please

Oct 19 2022 


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There is no good news in this area...  The layshaft needle bearings are a Toyota product it seems, I have never been able to find any for sale anywhere.  This means you cannot rebuild a K series gearbox if they are noisy.  The needles mark the layshaft, which they run on directly, grinding away the hard steel surface so it is a massive job to get the shaft built up again then machined circular again.

I don't know how to check a gearbox outside the vehicle without pulling it apart.  If you could turn 20 or 30 K series boxes by hand at different wreckers you might learn the difference in the feel, or it may be something you just can't feel by turning the shaft with no load on it.

Just buy one, try it, take it back if its noisy.. They must all have over 250,000km on by now, so they will all be worn. It is the one component that will take our K series off the road in the future.

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They must all have over 250,000km on by now, so they will all be worn. It is the one component that will take our K series off the road in the future.

My KE30 is not going off the road, unless it's cancer gets so bad, I have to bury it.  As for gearbox issues, there is a very simple solution, that I envisage accomplishing.

Simply leave the gearbox stuck, permanently in top gear, & then develop the engine, so that it has so much HP, that you never have to have change gear again.  You'll always be able to reface clutch plates !


Cheers Banjo

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