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Monster AE86 Build REAR END HELP


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Hey everyone, new to this board. I have a mass collection of toyotas ranging from a dozen parts ae86's, a collectors condition ae86 and a mint sr5 that was converted to gts but has a bad motor. A few caldinas, hilux, 4runner, and celicas.


I am planning to take the sr5 and drop in an lt1 v8 with twin compound turbos (yes four turbos) out the hood with hater pipes mated with a th400 for now as I have many laying around, until i can find a good borg t56 or 6062. This will be a drift / drag dedicated car, and will most likely never see a legal road in the rest of its days. The engine fitment is no issue and will possibly go dry sump to lower the center of gravity further.


The main question here now that you know details, is the rear end. My father who has owned ae86's since before I was alive claims that when he brought his ae86 to the dealer in Europe for basic services, there was another guy who was there multiple times for new axles under warranty with a STOCK motor.

I have a 4runner frame stripped down with a good rear in it. Internet claims these are easily swappable if you have any fab knowledge to reweld mounts and align it. My question is, is how is this 4runner rear going to handle up for 600hp clutch drops? And over 400ftlbs of torque at 1400rpm? (Until I get better heads and cams to up the boost further for a final goal of 800hp years down the road)


Assume fabbing will all be done in house. (Tons fo welders and machining mills) My origional plan was a ford 8.8irs trak lok from one of my old burnout cars. It ended with 7 or 8 pistons and rods through the block and oil pan at 15psi boost. After research a hilux or 4runner rear is the way to go. IRS fabbing would be a NIGHTMARE!

Thanks for response. Pic is of the burnout car getting its rear dropped out. It has been weathered for 4 years in a bush so don't mind the rust and leaves.


(Added photo of motor that will go in, has about 6 to 8k dollars into internals motor was built with circuit track in mind - photo is old and still of the beginning of fabbing the tooth wheel trigger and cam sensors)




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Added photo of motor
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Members dont see this ad

AE86 axle vs 4runner gen 2 Axle.

Very VERY similar. Very minor mods required.

Will update soon. I may not need any suggestions any longer but will continue to post for others to gather information for their own projects. Instead of just saying its possible I will provide pictures of progress.


For those who do not know, drum brake axle is 4runner disc is corolla


I do have another question about converting the 4runner rear to 5 bolt? If anyone has an answer let me know.

Also are there disc brake conversions available? I do not neccesarily need rear brakes but a hydraulic handbrake would be nice for those times I make a mistake mid drift and need to correct with ebrake.



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43 minutes ago, LittleRedSpirit said:

Looking good mate.  What size is the diff?  Whats the diff code on the 4 runner firewall?  Is it already an LSD?

The tags in the second post I believe... I have been trying to decipher the codes online but have found nothing

All I can say for sure is its an 8" and I believe its a 4.10, Not sure on LSD, if it isn't I will weld this one until I find a nice one to buy.


Any help in diciphering what diff this is would be greatly appreciated. Here is the tag 🤔



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Closer and closer, juat doing a bit here and there


Probably will end up using the diff speed sensor for traction control. This will need it if it ever goes on the street.


Update: its a 4.56 open diff. Goodbye what little top speed itd have with a THM400 😞

Found an okay LSD for 650 dollars online. However will it handle the power and abuse? Doubtful at least for long...


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Added update
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Its a G254 diff code.

This would mean its a G series so the size is 8 inch, the 25 refers to the ratio so this would mean its a 4.556:1 and the 4 means its a 4 pinion open centre.  This is the stronger open centre design of the 2 they made.


Heres a list of known G series cars and what they had, as a starting point for finding an lsd.


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