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Ae71 4ac oil catch can installation

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Ok peeps I just bought a cheap oil catch can from autobarn ( the drift one ) I'm after some help installing it. What's the best way to have it setup, also don't judge but is the pcv necessary as I'm pretty sure mine's a dud. The car has a stock carby with aftermarket air filter and has had a vacuum delete . My reason for installing this is it suffers pretty bad blow by due to dodgy rings, I'm sick of the mess and constantly adding oil. Thanks for the help . 


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PCV is to burn the blowby fumes when the motor is working hard. When the throttle is well open and the vacuum in the inlet is almost nothing a small spring pushes the PCV valve open and fumes get sucked into the motor to get burned.  They're replaced by clean air from the air cleaner, but with the ports so close together it hardly matters, it certainly doesn't 'flush' the block!

When you lift off the throttle and the vacuum in the inlet manifold increases it sucks the PCV valve shut against the spring, so it is closed at idle. Then the fumes push out the other port into the aircleaner, reversing the flow of when the PCV was open. In theory there are far less fumes at idle with the motor not working.

You could delete the PCV and close off one port. Run the other to your catch can and then vent the catch can into the air cleaner. That setup you have just covers the bonnet and everything in oil, so venting the catch can like that just makes a mess.

4AGEs don't have a PCV, they keep a continual suction on the block and must have the dipstick sealed. Probably helps with leaks through the oil seals too.


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Thanks heaps for the quick message, I just finished installing it and it's all good now. ( I'll know more over time ) .  I had to use the old air filter setup which seems to work better anyway really. I'll attach some pictures so if you think I should change something don't hesitate to say so. I appreciate the help.  I'll also be using some better hose once I can find it, any recommendations ?



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Yep, that's all you need.  Is it easier to put the can by the dizzy/heater hose firewall? Any hose would do, so long as it doesn't kink over time.

The dreaded boat anchor.. if you get up Walcha way we have a couple sitting around doing nothing as we used the AE71s for 4AGE conversions.  You could do one up and swap it in.

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Ok cool, so far so good. Don't know if it's just me tripping out but it seems to run a whole lot smoother now. I'm going to have a fiddle round and see where it fits best once I get some better hose. The good ol boat anchor, she isn't fast but it does honest work. Thanks again for the help.

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