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Car won't stay in the run position

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Hey guys I have replaced my ignition barrel and ignition switch my car still won't stay running you can start it but as soon as you let go of the key it turns off 

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Hi Bayley,

                  If your car has a "ballast" resistor attached next to the ignition coil, short it out with a piece of wire, from one terminal to the other.  Try starting your car again.  If it runs this time, when you let the key spring back, then your ballast resistor has burnt out, or gone open circuit, & will need replacing.  If that fixes it, it is an easy fix.  If it doesn't fix it, then give us a yell, & we'll try something else.  Do not run this for anymore than a few seconds, as this technique may try to keep the starter motor turning, depending on how the wiring is currently connected.

Cheers  Banjo

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