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Haltech Nexus R5 - VCU


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The long awaited Haltech R5 VCU, is now apparently available for sale, in the past few days.  I've followed it's evolution with interest, as it is an entirely different concept.



Despite being aimed squarely at the motor sport industry, it has the ability to be able to control just about everything, in an ordinary automobile, from just one controller/box.  So gone is the ECU/EMS tag, & in with the VCU, which stands for Vehicle Control Unit.

There appears to be enough outputs on this controller, such that every light, horn, windscreen washers/wipers, radio, etc., can be controlled from this VCU box.

Explanation of Haltech Nexus R5  - VCU

At around $ 5.5K, I doubt Rollaclub members will be flocking to buy something, that costs far more than most our Rollas are worth.

However, it did cross my mind, how simple the wiring diagram would be. Battery, Alternator, Nexus R5, & a single wire to each electrical item in the car. No interlocks, no relays, no mass of wires behind the dash. How simple to trouble shoot !

P.S. It would almost do Altezzaclub, out of a job, tracing our electrical wiring diagrams, to asssist our RollaClub members, with "electrical issues".

Cheers Banjo

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