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First car what to do


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Hey guys just got my first car and is it wrong to say I'm absolutely in love with it?

Its a 94 corolla csi limited bare stock gets me places but its not as nice looking as it could and should be. i was wondering what upgrades would be worth and COULD be done to the ae94 without going full engine swap crazy. I'm a big noob to the whole car scene so i wouldn't even know where to look or what to look for quality wise.

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If you like the ae9* series then maybe just look out for a good condition twincam version such as the gti or seca, they are seemingly just getting bought by a certain wrecker at the moment and parted out, seems a huge waste and only seems to happen because they get more money for the car than selling whole. Pisses me off no-end, especially when they part out rarer jdm Levin's like the gt-z and brz.

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