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Is it worth it to keep my 4AFE engine?

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I currently own a Toyota Corolla AE111R 1998. I have saved up enough to upgrade to a Toyota Levin, MX-5, Celica or any other cheap racer car. I am wondering if I should instead keep my corolla because it has a 4AFE engine and mod that or upgrade to a better car?

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Well, there's a big difference between what you own and what you are looking at buying, and that is RWD compared to FWD.

They take quite different driving styles to get the maximum, and some people are suited to one, some the other. 

FWD have an inbuilt stability that comes from the driving wheels pulling the car along behind them, so the rear wheels follow the front more easily. The tradeoff is the constant understeer and wicked oversteer if the tail does lose grip. Watch the European 2L saloon championships on Youtube and see how many people can catch a FWD when the tail slides, almost none of them. They are faster for the power as they lose less in the drivetrain.

RWD have the rear pushing the front straight ahead, so any turning lets the rear step out into oversteer. The advantage is far better turn-in at a corner, and if the tail steps out you can steer it with the throttle.

So for me there is no question, a RWD.  I'd go for a KE70, cheaper than a Celica yet has the same motor and suspension. The suspension becomes the important part if you're going track racing.  An MX5 will have all the tech developed to be a race car, they've been popular since they were new, and if you're not fussy about car make then that would be the best bet.

If you want a FWD, find a 20valve for the car you have, I think its the same shell isn't it. If you like racing it then keep your eyes open for the one with the fancy rear suspension.

No matter what you decide on, go do dirt gymkhanas in it to sort out the drifting feel, or wet tarmac ones. You don't want to start learning at full speed in a new car!


Check out mark blundell at 1.46min  in here-  This is a great series for pitting FWD against 4WD against RWD from the different manufacturers, and there's no doubt FWD lightness and power does well.


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