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Toyota Corolla Tips 2 Million Klms


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Saw this story in the past week, on a news feed, & was instantly skeptical.

However, when you do the maths, it is quite possible, if my maths are right ?

The Corolla was a 1993 model. It tipped the 2000,000 klm mark recently, in 2022.  That's 29 years of service.

If you divide 2 million klms by 29 years, you get approximately, 69Klms per year.

Assuming the car was only driven on works days, of which there are 261 per year, the car would have travelled  265 klms per day.

Assuming this Corolla's driver was actually at the wheel, 6 hours a day, then each hour it would travel 44 klms, which is quite feasible.

This guy must love driving, as He has 3,000,000 klms under his accelerator foot.

And all this with regular service; although I noted the 20 off replacement cam toothed timing belts, in it's life;  so someone was worried about the "interference engine design", & that regular replacement of the belt would certainly been necessary, if it was ever the attain the 2 million klms.

Cheers  Banjo 


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