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The T3 AE86 will live again!

How is it we forget that passion is the real reason we do these things?

I started working on my AE86 in 2000: constantly developing parts, tracking and daily driving it until it reached its peak completed form with the F20C installed in August 2004. I enjoyed the hell out of it all the way up until about 7 years ago when I drove to our new shop in Shingle Springs and we tore into it for new parts development. Over the next few years, the car slowly disintegrated into a pallet of loose parts.



I had a few excuses for why the car came apart and never went back together. Business is more important! Development is more important! It’s gotta go back together better than before! But those were all just excuses. The real reason the car didn’t go back together was because I didn’t think I deserved it. See…the AE86 was “MINE”.



This car was the launchpad for T3 the company. It was used for much of our early publicity, including two magazine covers, the Hotversion American Touge video, as a test bed for our Formula D car, countless drift and racing events, etc. However, I still had it in my head that the car was “mine” and that rebuilding it through/at T3 would be an act of selfishness. In my head, I couldn’t possibly pull resources from T3 to rebuild something that I considered something personal. All this time, I’ve been collecting ideas of how I wanted the car to go back together and all the new and neat things I wanted to explore, but the time just never seemed right. The guys have been bugging me to put it back together for years now, but I just couldn’t let go of the idea that doing something I was personally interested in had to take a back seat to everything else.




Somehow, I forgot that the passion for the build is what MAKES this company and that feeding that passion only makes it stronger.



We finally hit critical mass. The crew had had enough of my BS and basically sat me down and said, “this is what is going to happen”. Once the decision was no longer mine and I was able to see things from their perspective, I was able to get behind it one hundred percent. Their excitement and fire reminded me of what is important. All the fun we have here at the shop, all the love we pour into these projects just makes us better at what we do. Doing things, especially new things, teaches us how to better make parts. It gives us new challenges and new solutions to those puzzles.




It’s on. The T3 AE86 will live again and hopefully be even more fresh than the first go around. The passion is here and the fire is raging with more fuel than it can handle. Ideas are coming, and sleep is suffering. I can’t effin wait!





Don’t take as long as I did to figure it out. Whatever you do, do it for fun, do it for passion, do it for love and do it now! Or if you can’t do it now, at least start wiggling your toes in that direction!

Get out there and #buildsomethingawesome!

Gabriel Tyler

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