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KE70 Air-con Condensor required


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I had a bit of a look and i cant find a listing, if it were me doing the job i would find something that fits pretty close and make a bracket to fit. you will probably need to get some hoses made to suit, but i dont suspect your oem hoses are much good anyway. 

"cool drive" is the company in Australia that seems to have the most aftermarket air conditinoing bits, here is the page in question,


No listing for ke70, but it has all the dimensions of others to see if they fit. actually i notice part number CN1191 in the above link is for ae86. I reckon that would be pretty damn close to ke70. check the dimensions on the car.

unless of course you can find a 2nd hand AC condenser, but i dunno how many ke70s even came with AC, probably not too many. a wanted to buy advert on a few facebook groups might yeild something. 

also do you have an old one you are replacing? if its leaking you might be able to get it tig welded to fix the leak. 




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