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Ke20 diff offset

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I am in the middle of tearing down the ke26 wagon and I was wondering if a drum to disc conversion was possible. I was looking at a wildwood unit, but without taking the drums off I don't know the axle offset.


Does anyone know what the axle offset on the ke20 was, I have a u code diff so it maybe slightly different but close enough will do for now 🙂



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Anything is possible but havent personally seen done on a 6" diff. Generally if youve got enough power to require better stoppers you'll likely need a bigger diff anyway. disks aren't ideal on a single row axle bearing. Doesnt stop people doing it though. a worn bearing can pump the pads away from the disk giving more pedal travel before rear braking works. All oem toyota live axle disk brakes have a double row ball bearing on the axle. Smallest toyota disk rear is the 6.7" T code in ae86, te71, ma45.

Ke2 U code is 50mm from housing to wheel mounting face on the drum. Ke3 U code is more like 60mm.


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Thanks ae25,  

I was just about to update this thread as I measured it at 51mm. This puts it just short of being able to put a wilwood kit on.

thanks for the advice, just getting a new diff or even shortening a diff is an expensive operation. But speaking to a few shops it's possible to get a Hilux diff shortened. I might as well make this the best build it can be. 

I haven't decided on engine, but it's looking like either a Ford duratec or Honda k20/4a



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