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I  had a look in my heap of spares, & I do have an idler arm pivot assembly, out of a KE55.  I can't imagine, Toyota changed that much throughout the KE30-35-55 series.

I was going to compare it, with my KE30 2 door coupe one today, but it was raining, so couldn't put my KE30 up on the ramps, to take a look.  If it's fine tomorrow, I'll take a look.

This one is missing the phosphor bronze bush in the middle. I'll take a look through my heap of bits tomorrow, & see if it is there somewhere; or maybe I've used it previously, but can't recall.



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I found another one in my garage, & had a quick look.  I stand corrected. It does not have a phosphor bronze pivot sleeve bearing in it.  It has two (2) tapered nylon bushes, one at each end.  New bushes are about $ 30 a pair on ebay.

I did however confirm, that the idler arm bracket, fits all models from KE-30, through to KE-55.

Unfortunately, the idler arm ball joint is not replaceable, & if the ball joint has failed, you need to replace the complete pitman arm, which incorporates the ball joint.

Both items; complete idler arm assembly, & the pitman arm, are available on ebay.  Cheapest I saw the complete idler arm assembly was about $ 60.00.  The pitman arm, including ball joint, was about $ 40 - $ 52, so on that basis, it would be wise just to pay the extra dollars, & obtain the full new assembly, & get everything.


Cheers Banjo

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