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1970 ke25 te25 sprinter info


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Screenshot_20230216-005921_Firefox.thumb.jpg.5f0867d7b423052fb70c64764b4130a1.jpgreceived_630415368842865.jpeg.9389e44e93bc519fac4f203528630e8f.jpeg1970 ke25 te25 sprinter SL / delux.

Just putting it out there.  Looking for owners or parts collectors to network with, share info/parts etc. 

I've had an interest in this particular model since acquiring a bonnet in the noughties. So have been on the hunt for printed media, memorabilia and the rest of the front end parts to complete a ke2 nose swap.

There's only one original car here in NZ. A red ke25 sl in southland.

Easiest way to contact me via toycrazy.net or fb mark roads


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It grows on you.  looks to be an evolution of the ke11 styling.


Unfortunately most of the front end is different to the same year 70-71 ke2 corolla. Grill mounts don't match. Sprinter corners don't have the notch to clear the corolla headlight surrounds. The sprinter headlight chrome rings are deeper than other ke2. Under grill trim seems unique. 


I'm yet to confirm if parts are identical to corolla for the cnr indicator lense, lower valence, bumper and front indicators.

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