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WEBER 32/36 ON KE70


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Finally was able to mock up my Weber 

After installing Weber and trying to use the universal linkage was not the best for the barrel type accelerator cable so had to call up Recarb and get there throttle linkage they do for the 4K engine safe to say its working, cranked the car for a second heard how loud the headers alone were chose not to start and idle the car as it was late so will try this afternoon.




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Got the car idling with the Weber 32/36 it sounds TOUGH!! few low end revs of the throttle, with just the 4-1 extractors, next step fabricating a 2 inch system exhaust with 1.5 inch blast pipes at the end this is gonna be fun.


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Honestly had a really hard time trying to get the throttle linkage setup there is not a lot of information on how people run the linkages on a stock 4K engine with Weber 32/36 but after some mucking around and getting a proper throttle linkage, it is running smoothly.

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