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4af engine

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Hey guys, I was wondering where I could find a 4af engine to buy, I've had a little look and I can't seem to find any. I would like to put it in my 1988 ae82 and drop it in place of the 4ac that is in there.

Cheers in advance any info is much appreciated

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1 hour ago, altezzaclub said:

Probably at the local wreckers.. 

How far do you want to travel? Central West NSW? Bathurst.. Dubbo

Unfortunately my local wreckers have nothing in the way of corollas, and I am in WA which seems to be a recurring problem when finding parts for this thing

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Ah, I see.. The country that's way to the West of Australia..

It may be a case of finding what is at the local wreckers and fitting that. It would be lovely if you found a 4AGE, but all you can do is keep searching the grey imports over there.

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