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Door Death

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something horrible just happened today...


Was turning my car backwards and uphill to get her facing downhill so petrol could run to the motor, when BAM! my driver's side door starts bending backwards on the star picket stuck in the ground around a tree. after I stopped bawling, had a loook at the damage and it MAY be able to be fixed. hoorray for making stupid mistakes! More money i'll have to start spending on her soon.


Door on my parts car is rusty, but usable. Dad assures me shit happens and I guess there is no point worrying about it too much. Might post pictures, but don't hold your breath.


Be sure to leave a comment telling me I am an idiot. ;(

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you are not the first, and will not be the last.

I did mine on my patrol ute a couple of weeks ago, its just frustrating isnt it :)

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yeah, it sucked. But i'm taking whole car to pnelbeater anyways so its not quite as bad. just more money going rowards her. OH WELL shit happens i spose. ;)

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