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How Much Is Original?



:wtf:Well, upon closer inspection of my motor...


after thinking for a whole year it was original,


it turns out the motor in my sprinter is actually a 4K and so is the spare one.


the spare car (my dad's) has a 3K I it.


So, that explains my dodgy extractors.


Whoever has done this probably knew what they were doing, because it all looks (and mine drives)pretty good.


funny though, my master key fits dad's boot nd fuel cap...


so my theory is that a bloke has had both of these cars just plainly to mess about with....


dads was rego'd until 1996 and mine until '97



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#k's and 4K's much easier to find than a K when time came for a fresh engine, plus they are bigger, so why not. The keys work because the key and the lock are both worn out. common knowledge that one Corolla key will fit any other.....

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