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    Hi Banjo, The rotisserie made some particularly nasty tasks a lot easier. Simple is almost always best! The whole thing cost me maybe $60 to make and saved me endless hours on my back under the car stripping chip guard etc. The more I read about the 7k the more I’m leaning towards finding a 5k to start with. In theory the 5k should be more reliable at high revs? This whole project has been about learning so I’m happy to take my time and do most work myself. I have a spare 4k I can mess round with to get my head round the motor. Then once I can find a good 5k I’m thinking a cam, twin carbs, head work. Basic stuff right... If anyone has a complete 5k sitting round that they would like to sell, please message me. I have a few photos I will put up at some point of the rebuild so far. This site has been an awesome source of info during the project.
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