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    Yeah, its basically mounted in, I was going to stuff the ecu under/near the kick panel, closer to the hole. but we'll see how that turns out. 1st thing before that is to strip down the 101 loom and splice it in to the 82 loom. as for speedo, I think I can get a reed switch on the cluster, whether or not it pick up on the magnetic air clutch used for the speedo, I'm not to sure. Whats really throwing me off this is the amount of work i need for the rest of the car, need to repair the seats, new belts, struts.. also my tools just seems to of exploded and went everywhere/ need to buy a new set.. I have AE101R sedan rear set, I had a good look at the setup, I can tell its not a bolt-in jobie, but I'm sure its not to hard to make something up with tube stock, but i'll take the both off and run it by a fab/engineering shop and see if that can do something to ADR standards, its already up for engineering signoff with the new engine in it, if it was the twinkie setup i'd could get away with just an engine swap'n'sign off, what a little more? I'm sure I cannot use the trailing arm and A frames off an ae92, I have one here, but it drum too. on that note, anyone wanna have some fun with grinders and a 101 chassis? I'll throw some more pictures up later, tonight/tomorrow/some day
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