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  1. This is the clutch i killed at power cruise this year, been lazy and only just pull it out after its been sitting for 6 months. This clutch has done no more that 100km and was a "Heavy Duty" exedy clutch. The other side is still ok.
  2. Ive used fiber glass for the first time. Gets very hot in the engine bay and i needed to get some cold air into the engine bay. I didnt just want to pull the headlight out as it looked ugly and unfinished. Also go a photo in this months powercruise magazine. Better quality pics of brakes and strut And a naked frontal shot. Pulling motor out to replace the clutch.
  3. Upgrading the front brakes and struts. RX7 coilover strust, VS commodore hub and lower control arm, VT 296mmx28mm Discs, WH Statesman Twin spot calipers. 15" wheel still just fits.
  4. I'm still alive. Just thought id update. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLloSAXExIE
  5. How did you go getting it running? have you got the security removed from the ECU? The engine will not run without the body control module (BCM), Commodore Keyhead and ignition barrel ring , this is why it only runs for a few seconds, it then cuts the injectors. You can buy a BCM simulator to override the ECU security or take the ECU and get it reflashed without the security. Did you already know this?
  6. i have 2 small ones from a motorkana
  7. completely stock, the early v6 motors only run 8:1 compression standard, but even later one will take alot of boost for a standard engine, i know of a few running 20psi and have done so for years. mine only blew the head gasket when it was getting 40+ because the wastegate controller pipe blew off (i didnt fasten the pipes so when they got hot they got softer and blew off) I normaly cable tie them, but this time forgot. i have cut and shut the inlet manifold to bring the throttlebody out the front and i run 660cc injectors with a microtech ecu
  8. Power cruise sucked this year, in the first 2 hours i had blew of the wastegate controller pipe and ran 40+ psi boots into the thing, that blew the left head gasket and blew out the rear seal. so saturday night the engine was out and by Wednesday it was completely rebuild ready for the Hartkids Show and Shine.
  9. ke30 round headlight grills, Two styles free for PICK UP. I don't want to throw them out. I'm happy for someone to come around to collect them. But they will go to the tip next weekend. Sent a pm for address.
  10. coming up to another powercruise, so ive done a few things. New bigger radiator. First pics are from the last car show and the last two are the improvements made since. Aslo just fitted a heavy duty clutch as the old one was slipping and turned up the boost to 14psi The new wheels are 17x8 speedy saphire with 205x40 tires.
  11. went ok, i think i finished 15 out of the 36 waiting for the results still, was still running after dark 5:30 +. I didnt run the second run of the last layout. My brother got two videos before having to leave. Plenty of pictures here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Motor-Sports...otos&ref=mf
  12. Thought si might have put something up or forgot its on, I'm taking out the hyundai for a spin. Its in the pits carpark. Come out for a cone......................................................bashing day :lol:
  13. 3 grills, 1 front bumper and maybe indicators/parkers, front struts. All free Motor and box gone.
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