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  1. I have a KE55 Coupe I am wrecking. It is complete and is all for sale. The body has been badly affected by rust so all panels except for the bonnet are landfill. The bonnet however is perfect. It is a 4 speed manual. All window trims and interior trims are available as are the taillamps. Please call Darren on 02 4884 4123 Located Wingello NSW
  2. I have a good 4k and 3 speed auto if you are still looking for one Located Southern Highlands NSW Call Darren 4884 4123
  3. I have everything you will need. Are you after 4 or 5 speed?. Located Southern Highlands NSW Call Darren 4884 4123
  4. Hello Klayton I have Mounts, Mounting towers, Mounting brackets, Gearbox crossmember, Sandwich plate, Flywheel, Starter motor & a gearbox with yoke if you end up having to buy your conversion in bits. Located Southern Highlands NSW Cheers, Darren 02 4884 4123
  5. Hello Dave I have both of these items for sale if you still need them Located Southern Highlands Wingello Darren 4884 4123
  6. I do have most of the parts you will need for the conversion. Engine mounts, water connections, water pump, pulley, etc Darren 0433 490 497
  7. After just stripping another two 55's I have more manual pedal boxes now $70 + postage each Darren
  8. Hello Peter I have an excelent set of sun visors for sale if you still need them Cheers Darren 0433 490 497
  9. I have a manual KE30/55 Pedal box for sale Good Condition $80 + postage Call Darren - 0433 490 497
  10. I have one for sale if you need one still 0433 490 497 Darren
  11. I have a small port (FWD) distributor for sale if you are still looking for one Cheers
  12. I have an AE70/71 tailshaft for sale if that is any help
  13. Hello Doug Do you still have the auto box and shifter Cheers, Darren
  14. Ihave the sender/ inlet pipe you are after Please call or text on 0433 490 497 Cheers Darren
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