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  1. Thanks for the update,I haven't proceeded any further with this at present, busy with other things but did manage to get an "empty" reading of 140ish ohms when testing between the sender connection and earth but as you say,can't get the unit out to check "full" with the tank mounted in situ. The SAAS unit quotes 160 empty and 33 full as one of its pre-set options,apparently appropriate to a Honda setting so I may be able to go with this and adjust the float lever to give me a near enough, good enough solution as its really only the "empty" position that I am overly concerned with and as long as I get an idea of flow rate so that I know at which point I need to start being concerned,I think it may work. Anyway, think I will buy one, have a fiddle and see how I go.
  2. The issue is that I have fitted the KE tank into a non original project vehicle that is having a custom dash and as such can't use an original gauge,it is all custom aftermarket,hence the question. The SAAS unit is only 52mm which is smaller than I wanted but if it does the job will go with it but there are better options but they have fixed output which is why I was asking regards the ohms output. Seeing as the top of the tank is just accessible looks like I may have to grab a multimeter and try to do some measuring,I don't want to fill the tank yet but I may be able to get an "empty" reading and go from there. Thanks again,Pete
  3. Thanks for the input,I have noticed that SASS make a 52mm aftermarket fuel gauge with the option of variable settings to use with standard senders although they do not list the 55 specifically,they do list "japanese cars" as one of their options so I am giving this some consideration. I don't really mind if it is not 100% accurate as long as I can get to "near enough good enough."
  4. Hey there,looking to replace a fuel gauge with an aftermarket unit,does anyone know the ohm ratings from low to half to full for a standard KE55 tank?
  5. Anyone in Melbourne got a solid running 4k/5k and 4spd (swap n go) they want to sell at a budget price,not urgent yet so if its in the planning stage may be able to wait. Thanks
  6. yes mate,still after 1,can you give me a price with post to 3156
  7. Hey guys,chasing another manual pedal assembly,brake and clutch,for a KE30/55,preferably in Melbourne unless your happy to post. Would be cool if it was also able to come with a functioning booster but happy to get whatever I can,going on a project so due to space requirements etc has to be specifically a 30/55 set up,PM or 0431464754 Thanks,Pete
  8. Wanting to buy a plug and play running 3/4 or 5 K series engine,gearbox not required.Must be a solid runner and not require any overhaul, am prepared to pay $ or swap against 2t/3t engine parts and accessories that I have and no longer need,head,cam,chrome engine pieces,Celica tail lights and surrounds etc etc. Located Melbourne Eastern suburbs so would prefer Melbourne location for pickup. Pete,0431464754,pm or sms message please.
  9. Hey there,require a brake booster for an early KE,I have one from a 70 series but it is to big,need a unit physically smaller,maybe KE30.Not sure of the various physical sizes of units but has to be a smallish unit,any help,hints appreciated,not being used in a Corolla but another project,PM or call 0431464754.Thanks,Pete
  10. People who contacted me,I'm waiting on your reply to questions re-price etc.
  11. After a complete rear axle,drum to drum for a Toyota RT104 (manual) in good condition and able to be used immediately without reconditioning.Would prefer Melbourne if possible so please contact with information,either here or sms 0431464754,need asap,thanks.
  12. Answers my question perfectly,thanks.Yep,you may be right about Auspost.
  13. Want a set of useable KE55 or KE70 disc brakes complete,back plate,calipers,disks and hoses etc,Melbourne preferred. PM or 0431464754. Thanks,Pete.
  14. Hey there Si,doesnt look like I'm having much luck locally with KE55 stuff around here,if you have one shoot me a price and we can maybe organise shipping as per last time. Can I ask you a question while I have you regards KE55 pedal boxes,do they mount flat to the inner firewall or do they stand off a bit,I'm not fitting to a toyota,put it in a morris minor so doesnt really have to be fitted as per toyota but would like to know because if I use a KE55 booster will have to be set up as per original. Anyway,thanks and let me know bout booster when you have a chance.
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