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  1. Photos of the venetians? Do you know if they'd fit a KE26?
  2. Hey guys, I read that the ke20 jap diff locating pin is 19mm, are ke26 ones the same size? Cheers, Toby
  3. @Rolla van man - hahahahaha "I pay cash now", that's hilarious! Haven't gone to the cops as of yet, don't want to get the guy in trouble unless he screws me around. We have been in touch though, he's not denying anything! Went and picked up pretty good nic 20 rear and front bumpers and an early mesh grille with the badge for $100 today, should all polish up nicely. Not m.int, but will do as spares. I'm going to get a quote for the bumper to be repaired as proof of value, as I can't find any new ones on eBay or anything and they usually go for $400 dammit!
  4. Dad told me to keep it private and not bother with the cops. Got quotes today; one place said $150 for only the bottom half of the tailgate under the seam, the others were $600 - $1000, but that includes painting the whole tailgate and removing the glass etc. The paint on the 26 is faded and the white powdery sun stuff now, so I think just doing the bottom half of the tailgate is the best bet because I'll just end up with a glossy tailgate that doesn't match, even after polish etc. One boss I went to didn't even want his employee to bother giving me a quote because "I'll never actually get it done because the paints faded" rah rah rah.. Others were saying things like, "Golden oldie you got there!" As for the bumper, hopefully I'll be heading up north to have a look at one and an early grille this week.
  5. Only insured incase I hit someone else. I'll go into the cops today and file a report.
  6. So I was in a carpark about to reverse into a park when I looked behind me and a 30 year old L plater of a different nationality with a female supervisory driver of another different nationality (not to be named.. :osama: :ninja:) were looking at the park (which was now behind them) whilst driving forward and crashed into me. My rear bumper which used to be m.int is now dented, bent and pushed right up to the body of the car, so I'm not sure how bad it is underneath. My tailgate which also used to be m.int now has a dent in it also, about the length/width of an iPhone. Their car hit the area just above the exhaust, hitting that too. Thank god, because I reckon that stopped it from pushing everything in further, but now that too is on an angle. I'm so cut up. I got out of the car fuming and shaking, but the guy offered his number straight up and said he'll wire me the money, so I'm guessing they have no insurance. I'm not sure what to do. Regarding the bumper, should I find the m.intest I can and get him to pay for it? And with the tailgate, I was thinking about getting some quotes from a body place to do it, then get the money off this guy. I've never had to do this stuff before, and I'm not sure how much the tailgate + paint will cost, am I going about this the right way? Any help would be awesome, thanks. Toby.
  7. Hey mate, sorry if I missed the post or I'm too late, but if you have m.int bumpers could I get a price on them? And do you still have the bonnet and grille? Cheers
  8. After m.int rear bumper and maybe front if you have it. Any photos mate?
  9. Hey mate, I need a m.int rear bumper and maybe front if you have it too. Any pics?
  10. Just caught on to this build, it's going to be mental man, I'm so keen for it to be finished :lovin:
  11. Okay so yesterday bought some wheels 4 13x7 hotwires, two with shagged 175/65s & two 90% tread 175/65s not on them yet 4 rwd 626 steelies with 3 okay tyres and 1 smooth as a babies bum, but that doesn't matter as I'll be getting them put on 7inch bands in the future :) $100 oh yeah! Hotwires need some sprucing up, and need some shank nuts but should be all good :) they look good on too, sit just outside of flush and have a little stretch on them. When I get new tyres I'll get some 165s so when I lower it I don't need to modify the guards. Last exam is on Friday, after that I'll make them look all speccy and finally post some photos! Cheers,Toby & George
  12. Got a link man? I'll have to buy one then take it to them to put in
  13. So today I got some quotes for exhausts to be made, 2inch from extractors back with no resonator and sports muffler. I don't want a resonator and really don't like the look of the vertical muffler on 26s, and was thinking of having the muffler half way down under the seats so the cabin doesn't resonate. And then I don't have to look at the muffler, as I want the straight pipe look, and chuck a little angle on it. BUT.. Both places I talked to today said there's no where under the car where I could put it, as it would sit too low. These mufflers are 4inches in the dimension to worry about, does anyone know of any mufflers that are skinnier? Or had any other ideas?
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