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  1. Is it rego'ed and going? what is your number? Mine is 0419 284 713
  2. anybody? :)
  3. okay so i know its super late notice, but is anyone able to give me a lift from prospect to the cock&bull. cheers! 0419284713 cam
  4. okay i'll be there! may be a tiny bit late depending how late cricket goes. can't wait! :wink:
  5. Okay yep. Let me know what sorta money we're looking at. Cheers mate :happy:
  6. Hey. so I'm pretty new to all this, and i don't even know any of the guys on this forum. but this is how to right? so it may be a little random but count me in? :wink:
  7. ohhhhh :glare: cos here in tassie my mates just go into service tas (government thingo) fill out the form, drive. no questions asked :dance: so i need another blueslip, pay for the permit, and 3 days of greenslip (which is insurance yeah?) how is it likely to set me back for a blue slip, permit and greenslip? any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hey guys! I am hoping to buy a nice little ke38 wagon from up in nsw and have been racking my brains, trying to figure out how the heck i am supposed to get it from there down to here (tasmania) now the obvious option is taking the spirit of tasmania to get it back to the lovely little apple isle. However! The vehicle is out of registration but has a blue slip from july (now expired) Anyone know what to do, or the right process to go about all of this? it hurts my head :bash: Thanks alot! Cam :thumbsup:
  9. nice work on the back panel!!! can't wait to see it painted up :D
  10. sounds great mate! maybe put a link up if there is one?
  11. awwwh i am soo jealous!!! that is an awesome find mate :D even harder for me to find in tassie :(
  12. is it runnning well? would it make the trip to tassie? how many k's does it have on it?
  13. hey guys i'm after a carolla wagon, open to many suggestions! let me know if u wanna sell or know of anyone who does in the tasvagas area!!! Cheers, Cam :dance:
  14. pics up would be appreciated. thanks (:
  15. the back end looks really good mate, hope the motor rebuild is going well.