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  1. Chasing a ke55 or ke30 4 for sedan. Manual preferably- registered would be good aswell. Please call me on 0425341401 cheers
  2. hey mate really keen on the be ke55, can you pm me your number please. thanks
  3. hi here is a ke55 corolla body has rust not missing much (boot key lock) motor runs great. ive had 4 ke55's and this is the best running motor out of them all. the rust is really bust in the rear quaters guards, bonet, bumpers boot lid are all straight and rust free. interior is ok, carpet is pretty good. roof lining is great. it has the stock ke55 rims with the chrome lip. everything electrically works, the heater works. need this gone by thursday. call me on 0425 341 401 to make an offer or to come and have a look. sorry but i can't reply to emails. car is in liverpool nsw. cheers
  4. it looks so [email protected]$king nice in your pic. btw I'm actually selling another 1979 ke55 haha. $500 driveable and great condition but not registered. Then again, you havnt had much luck with my cars lol.
  5. ie added a reply to your thread.

  6. Hey guys just a quick one. Not many people here would know but mid last year I started a ke55 project. The ke55 was not running when i bought it and the body was full of rust and dings. well about 2 months into the build it was ready for paint. The car was painted in 2PACK black paint sprayed by the qualified painter at work in a booth. the paint looked great. there was still the issue of the motor. So i done a top end rebuild on the little 4k and a carby rebuild. the thing ran great and was really reliable. well the sad day came when i had to sell it to get something more suitable for work and also wanted something with a little more power. I ended up swapping my little corolla for a 1994 vr commodore series 2 auto, which i then converted to manual. The vr was a good car but i needed something cheaper to run so i swapped the vr for a 1997 mitsubishi lancer. the lancer was plain shit. so i swapped it for a 1999 VT commodore limited edition manual. well anyway back on track. today i had to go to pick and payless wreckers in blacktown to get some parts for my sisters mirage and noticed a little burnt ke55 in the distance. as a joke my mate said "its your ke55". i laughed. walking around the car saying how bad it is i started realising things that were similar to my car. lots of things. The things i noticed are the exhaust, the diff, the rear brake lines were braised shut, the front shocks, the rear lowering blocks, the wheel nuts, the bosch coil which i installed, opened up the boot and seen the new panels which i welded in, found some amp wiring which i left in the boot, the original paint under the bonet, plus lots more. i still couldnt believe it so i got the chassis number, called my dad and checked the number against the papers. yep it was my ke55. so devo. does this look like it was deliberately burnt or could it be accidental? i say deliberate because the paint and everything is gone where as if it was an electrical fire or engine fire it would only be one section. well anyways heres some before after and burnt shots ahha. cheers guys
  7. G'Day.

    Just wondering if you have or know where I can get my hands on a KE55 Diff for a raod car?


  8. its only hard to start when its hot. how do i know if the timing is out?
  9. nah mate its a brand new radiator which i just changed a few days ago. Somone told me that there could be corrosion in the water ports in the head/block. But I'm not too sure about pulling apart the engine, mainly because of timing lol
  10. lol i thought the same thing and double checked that lol
  11. this has been going on for some time. it holds water and pressure. and there is no bubbles in the radiator. is there anything else i am missing?
  12. The gauge reads normal but when I stick a thermometer in the radiator it reads over 100 degrease. Also after driving for abit and turning the car off it try to keep running then when I try to start it again it is hard.
  13. Hi, I have A 79 ke55 which has has an overheating problem. I have replaced the thermostat which does open, new waterpump and new radiator and hoses all around. The heater core has been bypassed and I have run a flush through te engine. After replacing the coolant I find i still have an over heating problem. Is there anything else I'm missing? Any help would be great. Thanks guys
  14. Hi just wondering when there will be a cruise in sydney as I'm getting my p's soon and i am keen to go on one :(
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