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  1. Gjm85'S Ke20 Build

    No worries broski! Happy to help out, but the exa is just a little bit gay?? I know you guys love it, but come on haha :dance:
  2. Racetaxi V1.0

    I don't post regulary because everything I say is "abusive, rude and unhelpful" according to corolla hero's on here. So you know 4age ke70's don't really do it for me, which is why i havent got one, was gonna do it but realised i was wasting my time. I like a range of vehicles, bikes, boat whatever, I'm not a one make person like many on this site, and if I find a car I don't like I feel I am aloud to speak freely and say why I don't think it looks right or what was done to it to ruin it for me. If you feel the need to cry and argue with me over my opinion please feel free to pm me or come visit me and try not to ruin Justin's thread.
  3. Racetaxi V1.0

    yeeee i remember going and getting them, from redbank or some ghetto
  4. Racetaxi V1.0

    hahah are you serious???? After we already discovered that months ago after we tried to fit them to the red EF whenyou first got them lights of bushy and found out they are different, you tried again??? :bash: i seen some gay looking e series in my time, but that looks terrible, they shouldnt have fairmont bonnets, or the full kits, and the front bar looks terrible with the add on, and the flutes should be recessed into the bonnet. do you guys seriously reckon it looks cool.......... :hmm:
  5. Racetaxi V1.0

    :lolcry: more like she got tired of doing this :bash:
  6. Oke020

    From what Scott has said the car will be coming back with a 2J, a bit more power, and some extra bars added to the cage!!! But i was out on saturday night at the Bracket meeting and scott was there in a cressida, with a na 2j in it, that he had bolted some boost onto, and a few other bits and this big old full weight cressida went 12.8 at 118mph! Through a stock auto. I thought it was pretty cool.
  7. Oke020 ooo wait the belt tensioner was still good. but the piece of timing cover it was attached to wasnt
  8. 1jz Cressida + Big Turbo

    your gonna cage u gf's daily
  9. Colours

    hahaha i must be the only one handing out ideas then lol :huh: will give you a run down on painting stuff tommorow haha
  10. My New 70 Aka The Black Pearl

    lol your face. now go weld your head to a pole. this thing will hold together at 180....... its a ke70 hehehehe
  11. Colours

    candy apple red tragis....... like grant scotts car...... you know you can have it any other way, kill a man if you have to. Cause you love my ideas hahaha :hmm:
  12. Gjm85'S Ke20 Build

  13. My New 70 Aka The Black Pearl

    don't care what reed drives, he still suggested i said something that i didn't.......much like a commodore driver would :glare: and i'm not sure i would be envious...... as i just aquired one of these in great condition for less then 1000bucks...... even got globe bathurst on it and in white not red.... awesome looking car..... can't wait to cut it up and build a 10.5 car out of it :P
  14. My New 70 Aka The Black Pearl

    hahaha typical ca18..........i've got 66cc of two stroke single cylinder that makes more then that i swear :yes:
  15. 32/36 Weber Bogs Down At Full Throttle

    its leaning out