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  1. sorry i only have long blocks no head for engines and on the timming covers i only have 2 peices out of the 3 ,no pulley bottoms left
  2. hi ross ,i don't think i have any bottom covers for the harmonic balance but prices are harmonic balancer 50 bottom crank pulley for timming belt 20 and covers if i have are 20 each best to ring me on 0412 045 467 glenn
  3. 20 plus postage with more pics
  4. have heaps of 4age parts includes blocks heads etc
  5. still have the bracket and thermo /water pump housing 220 posted to you
  6. i have a brand new high torque 1.2 kw ,$300 and its yours worth over $ 425 list I'm in the melb area as well
  7. spool diffs are sold also have T series gearbox mounts as well to add to the list at 25 each
  8. i do and also 1s to suit ae86 corollas these 1s above i use for st/185/205 gt4 celicas my e-mail is [email protected]
  9. there 650 each plus postage drilled and machined to suit altezza 3sge including the dowell holes as well
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